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From Country Roads To City Streets, Andrea Jean Embraces The “City Girl Magic”

The singer-songwriter and versatile recording artist Andrea Jean is embracing the urban lifestyle with her latest anthemic single, "City Girl Magic."

Having performed across the country since 2017, taking the stage at shows like Ring of Fire, The Medora Musical, Divas Through Decades, and venues like the Listening Room Cafe in Tennessee and Rockwood Music Hall in NYC, Andrea Jean is taking the indie music scene by storm. Often called an Urban Cowgirl, her tunes range from folk and country to pop and blues.

In her latest single, "City Girl Magic," Andrea Jean soaks in the busy city lights and the hustle and bustle while her smooth, authentic vocals serenade listeners with pristine vibes. Jean is back in the studio working on her upcoming EP in 2024. Until then, feast your ears on this uplifting anthem for country girls turned city crawlers.

"City Girl Magic" opens with a bright, twangy, country-infused lap steel guitar alongside warm acoustic guitar melodies, upbeat percussion, and Andrea Jean's radiant vocals. While expressing her desire for bright lights, fast days, and late nights, Jean realizes that this undying love comes from the city girl inside her, constantly looking for the next adventure outside the small-town roads.

As Andrea Jean continues embracing her inner urban calling, the power in her vocals expands to bring her message home: she's welcoming the magical city lifestyle and ready to take on a new chapter of her life. "The city has magic, now so do I," she passionately expresses, closing the song with excitement for what's to come.

It only gets slightly better than a meaningful, upbeat song about moving onward and upward. Andrea Jean, we welcome you to city life and are ready to see what musical creations come out of it. Find Andrea Jean's new single, "City Girl Magic," on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, Andrea Jean! We love the uplifting and refreshing nature of your recent single, "City Girl Magic." What experiences inspired you to create a song about embracing city life?

When I was 18, I left my hometown and moved to Chicago for college without knowing a single soul. This move was pivotal in creating my deep love for the big city. As a little girl, I always said I would live in New York City- mainly from the movies I would watch and the songs written about how magical it was. Chicago was closer to home, but the vibes were kindred. I lived there for nine years of young adulthood, discovering who I was and adapting to city life. Fast forward to 2023, and I finally made the even more significant move to NYC. These experiences are where "City Girl Magic" was created.

For a song that welcomes the fast-paced nature of city life, why did you choose to keep the instrumentals more relaxed and country-infused for "City Girl Magic?"

As I discover who I am as an artist more and more, I realize what genre I want to sing and belong in. Country folk with a bit of pop is what stirs my heart and comes most naturally to me when writing new songs. "City Girl Magic" has that country sound while using a cool slide guitar and brief stops in music to create movement and energy. I love mixing these concepts, which is why I coined calling myself an "Urban Cowgirl."

How do you hope "City Girl Magic" impacts your audience, especially those experiencing transitions and adventures similar to yours?

I hope anyone making a scary or life-altering move to a bigger city can listen to this song and feel seen. I want it to excite those who listen to it so much that they can picture themselves walking down the street among the bright city lights. I hope that they can feel the amazing magic a big city brings- the same magic I had to write a song about. I hope "City Girl Magic" inspires any little girl who listens to dreams even more significantly.

What was your favorite part about creating "City Girl Magic?" What aspects of the process did you enjoy most?

I wrote this song while living in Chicago, recorded it in Tennessee, and released it in New York City. Each stage of the song belonged to a different city in the US; I think that's one of my coolest parts. I also loved hearing different aspects, especially the slide guitar, get added to the song. It brought the song to life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!

Should we expect to hear "City Girl Magic" on your upcoming EP in 2024? What should we anticipate from that project?

Yes, "City Girl Magic" will be on my upcoming EP! I'm so excited about this release. The other songs on the EP narrate different parts of me and lyrically give you insight into who I am as a woman. The EP has an overall folk and country vibe, with some instrumentals you have yet to hear, including piano! It will be out in the Spring of 2024.

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