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From High Paced to Powerfully Slow, Smoove Boy Jay Flaunts his Penmanship on New Album, 'GAWD'

Glorifying his experiences in the Bronx with his wordplay and creative flow, hip-hop artist SmooveBoy Jay is not your common trap rapper.

Fantasizing about building his own musical empire for himself and his closest network of supporters, he is an artist focused on improving and growing into his future sound in order to make a lasting impact on the music industry for years to come.

Smoove Boy Jay’s ability to generate lyrical flow through his use of metaphors within singles is a skill that sets him far apart from many other artists in this genre. SmooveBoy Jay’s freshly released album 'Gawd' is a 12 track album filled with driven emotion that examines his journey through the difficult and positive times.

Commencing the album with the opening track “T.O”, Jay starts off the album with a bang. This single moves along covertly as it is filled with suspicion and drive. The slower-moving vocals allow listeners to focus on the lyrics at hand and the pure feeling in Jay’s voice.

Coming in at the second and second last track “Young freestyle” and “Young Freestyle pt.2” are chill tracks with catchy beats that fit together seamlessly. These singles bring listeners into the instrumental mindset as they hold an increased focus on the beat and background track.

There is something very special about Smooveboy Jay’s ability to cover such a variety of feelings and emotions within one album. As we analyze power-stricken tracks like “Robin”, “Westfield”, and “Alright”, Jay is able to adapt his vocals from a lighter more lyrically focused tone to one that matches the beat and embodies a feeling of dominance and control.

The fast-paced nature of these singles is a great example of Jay’s ability to adapt his sound for each distinct life experience.

Growing up listening to world-renown artists like Kanye West, Jay-Z, and The Game, Jay has also been able to dive deeper into more thought-provoking emotions like in his singles “GAWDBODY” and “Far Out”. Listeners will be able to feel a stronger emotional connection to Jay’s music as the slower tones create an inner motivation perfect for overcoming a difficult situation within one's life or when you feel in need of some extra motivation for that last set at the gym.

“JAYN” is a more hip-hop feelings track and holds a very distinct place on this album. A feeling of confidence in oneself as they walk alone in the city is just the beginning of this single powerful storyline and as it glides into the 10th track “No Cap”, Jay slows it down even more. Heavily focusing on the striking lyrics, Smoove Boy Jay speaks his truth in every lyric of this single and gains a feeling of support from his background vocalists. Single “N***as still” examines a journey through Jay’s personal emotions as he grows as an artist. Rapping about the process for him to get to his position today, Jay is able to express his unique ability through this chilling single.

Finally, his remaining single “Oddisee” dives deeper into his motivating elements within each matching lyric and instrumental beat. As an artist, Smoove Boy Jay has been able to clearly touch on various aspects of the rap game, through his lyrics, intense motivation, and instrumentals that beat listeners to their core and this verifiability is really what is setting him up to be one of the next major stars within the industry.

With his current resume of various freestyles, features, and shows, Smoove Boy Jay is not a quiet-up incoming artist, his newly released album 'GAWD' is another strong push into the industry that sets him apart from other artists.

Congratulations on the release of your newest album 'GAWD.' With such a variety of songs that are able to fit so seamlessly together, can you tell us a little bit about the selection of songs chosen for this album?

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the album and liked the variety. I made this album with friends and family members lost over the last few years who believed in me, the music that I made, the positivity that I kept, the respect and loyalty we had for one another. That was one of my main objectives for the album. I wanted it to be a vibe, but I wanted it to tell a story, I love simplicity, but I love harmonies and being extra too, the way you can already be hooked by how a song starts and then adding lyrics to paint a visual for the listener, enough for you to say "sh*t." Half of the album are the songs that I call "The Hard Truth" songs that I've faced and were more lessons. I focused more on lyrics and energy in the first four songs. Westfield is the vibe switch, everything after Westfield the tone/energy changes, it becomes more playful. I wanted that so it can contrast the first half. If you split it in half you could see the counterparts in sounds.

On your track “Jayn” you had an album to collaborate with Omar l$Lord can you walk us through that experience and what you enjoyed?

Working with I$Lord was a long time coming, we been cool for years it just always came down to what track were we gonna run with. He's a dope artist and creative, I needed and wanted someone who could show the confidence that was borderline arrogant, but you know it isn't, it's just knowing that you a big deal and not taking yourself lightly with that information.

How long did it take to write and produce this entire album and were there any specific experiences you remember from this process?

Altogether, probably a year and a half. Between beat selection and writing it took me almost the whole year because I go back and forth with my songs, I'm never fully done with a song, I always want to add something or something that doesn't sound just right. JAYN was the first song I had my verses done and ready on the album and one of the last ones to get finished, I just kept coming back to change something. Meanwhile Young Freestyle part 2 was the last one I added to the album cut and also the one I finished the quickest.

What were you able to learn from the creation and release of this product and what advice from these experiences would you provide to other emerging artists?

I learned more about patience and how it's important to trust yourself AND be open to criticism, not settling/sacrificing on your art for the sake of others.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

Different experiences in life, all the celebrations, the heartaches, the late-night convos, the heart to hearts. That keeps me inspired every day, striving to see my family happy and making sure they're well taken care of now and in the future, wanting to be an inspiration for other artists, creating a legacy, and carrying out a vibe always. #LongLiveO



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