From Outcast To Rising Star

Drawing inspiration from artists like Capital Steez and Joey Badass, The Outcast Kid is a refreshing addition to the rap game that we’ve never heard before! His single “Seeing Things” has a sweet, hard-hitting banging beat & the rapper delivers this insane flow without missing a beat. He sounds similar to the likes of Drake who’s also good on creating catchy hooks but carrying a song from start to finish with impeccable breathe control and witty lyricism. Rather natural talent or not, The Outcast kid has a way of portraying a “meant to be star” image about him.

A trendy sound and unique artistry he developed from his background, he has all the right perks to become a hit-making success. If you’re wondering where he got his name from, growing up he felt as if he was neglected and outcasted by others. He has channeled the negativity into something way more positive as he’s using it as inspiration to draw from when he’s creating his artistic vision.

Listen to "Seeing Things" here.

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Twitter: Outcastkidmusic 

Instagram: The_outcastkid1

Snap: The_outcastkid1