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Fruut Stands Out In Vibrant Fashion!

In this current generation, being different is the new wave of cool. Why limit yourself from your fullest potential by being afraid of your authentic self? Authenticity seems to be the new black in today’s society and this lofi indie pop band from Philadelphia who goes by the name of Fruut is representing the idea of originality to its fullest extent. Fruut offers you rolling melodies over synthesizing beats to curate a sound that weaves the lines between dream-like and atmospheric vibrations to enhance that nomadic spirit in our bodies! Their record “One Shot, Two Shot” begins with lyrics like  “Airplane mode, I don't want to see you call". Their convoluted wordplay and way of delivering lyrics we can find ourselves immensely intrigued by shows a unique and special level of skill! The beat and vibe of “One Shot, Two Shot” reminded me of those contextual artists who creates musical art in which we’re fascinated and absorbed by completely. Great examples would be Kali Uchis, Tyler The Creator, Willow and Jaden Smith etc. although those artists are more geared towards the nostalgic side of urban pop and subtle hiphop, these elements are all noticeable in Fruut’s unique replica of artistry.

Listen to Fruut's “One Shot, Two Shot” now on Spotify, and be sure to scroll down to catch the artists exclusive interview!

Hey FRUUT! Great to chat with you! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I'm a solo artist from Philly. I make indie music that's a blend of pop, lofi, and rnb. I producer and write all of my own music.

Tell us a little bit about your single “One Shot, Two Shot” What is the whole meaning behind it? What was the inspiration behind writing it?

One Shot, Two Shot is basically about the moment after a break up as well as moments after a night out. Where you are just trying to move on and leave the past behind you. Like, a "fuck it" if you will. 

If you were able to add a feature on this track who would you select and why?

Probably Lorde, because I feel like you dont get to see that side of her much but I'm sure she'd kill it.  

Do you have any musical influences who you think help impact your style?

I grew up listening to a lot of Drake, Frank Ocean, Lorde, Lana Del Rey and Rihanna. I think they have all impacted my music in different ways. 

When songwriting, where do you find your most focused concentration? Do you prefer to write alone or do you write with a team?

I like to write alone. I focus a lot on the beat as well as the lyrics. I am definitely a lyrical person and they have to be just right before I can say the song is done. 

What's next for you through 2019?

I will be putting out my debut album, Citrus, by the summer. I am very excited about it and hope people like it too!


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