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Fuel Your Inner Fire With nick devitt's New Hit, "SUGARCOATED"

From Southern California to Nashville, singer-songwriter, experimental pop/hip-hop recording artist, and self-taught producer/engineer nick devitt releases his spirited single, "SUGARCOATED."

The Nashville-based recording artist prides himself on his multifaceted and experimental approach to music creation. Falling in love with rap at a young age led nick devitt to teach himself production and mix/master engineering. His straight-to-the-point and hard-hitting instrumentals fused with punk and pop-rock influences are truly one of a kind.

Often compared to the likes of Jean Dawson, Paris Texas, and Post Malone, this sound is ever so apparent in his latest single, "SUGARCOATED." The song offers intense and modern hip-hop components while impressively expanding over to alternative and punk rock elements. We adore the dynamic range in this hit, especially as nick devitt sings his empowering and compelling message.

Diving into the new hit, "SUGARCOATED," we're instantly melted by the soft and soothing background pads that float in the distance. Before we know it, nick devitt jumps in with a vibrant rhythm guitar, setting the song's high-energy and pop-punk tone. Listening to his lyrical message, devitt continues to sing of not feeling like himself in someone's presence while making it known that his dreams are almost in reach.

The anthemic hook within this song is incredible; it's packed with energy and relentlessness that genuinely keeps us inspired to shoot for the stars. We truly give props to nick devitt's production capabilities in this track as he seamlessly transitions from a bright pop-punk undertone over to a more transcendent and chilling alternative hip-hop space.

Do yourself a favor and check out nick devitt's latest empowering single, "SUGARCOATED," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, nick devitt. You've truly left us in awe of your latest exciting and compelling single, "SUGARCOATED." What experiences inspired you to create this motivational piece?

Hey! Great to meet you guys I really appreciate it! I wrote “SUGARCOATED” because I was experiencing people all around me - friends, family, and honestly some people I don’t even know telling me how to make my music better or how to perfect my sound based on what they thought was better. There was a point where there were way too many cooks in the kitchen giving unsolicited music/stylistic advice. Typically, if I want your opinion, I will ask. I realized within myself that I would never be happy or satisfied with my music unless I was representing my truest self to my fullest, regardless of what anyone else is saying around me.

Was it easy to be so honest and straightforward when writing your motivational lyrics for "SUGARCOATED?" What was your songwriting process like?

To me, it was very easy to be this honest with this particular song because it was written during a time of frustration because everybody’s a critic and wants to always tell you how you’re doing things wrong and how you could be doing things better. This song was written over the span of a couple of months because I wanted to make sure my delivery and intentions were aligned. I wrote the song in my home studio in Nashville along with my friend David’s home studio. David is the legend behind mostly all of the guitars you’re hearing throughout this song along with my whole project that drops this March.

What was your experience formulating the dense and dynamic production for "SUGARCOATED?" How long did this process take you, and how did you start it?

In total, I think it took me about a week to finish producing this song. However, I constantly want to go deeper when it comes to the production side of things so I ended up taking my final piece of work to David so that we can add/perfect the guitar performances in order to capture the essence of experimental pop/ rap/ indie rock. I am very much a perfectionist when it comes to production, sometimes to a fault. I started the song with a simple guitar melody and a bass line - and then the drums and everything just started falling into place.

How does "SUGARCOATED" represent who you are and the music you create? What impact do you hope to make with songs like this?

I feel like “SUGARCOATED” represents me and my music because the theme of the song speaks directly into the fact that I am very much in my own lane and I love figuring things out for myself regardless of any negativity thrown my way. I feel the song represents my music well too because I am constantly trying to blur the lines of genres that inspire me like rap, rock, punk, and indie-pop. Sometimes my music feels, tastefully, all over the place and I feel like my brain is all over the place most of the time too. I’m hoping that my impact/ influence reaches those who are also navigating their own path in life while struggling along the way - whether it be with depression, anxiety, self-doubt, or whatever it may be. There is a God who loves you and who has already laid out your steps and wants what’s best for you.

What's next for you?

So, I have one more single that is dropping in February, leading to the release of my upcoming project, “SELECTIVE BLINDNESS” which drops this March. My video crew and I have been working relentlessly on music videos/video content that will be released along with the project. Other than that, I have quite a bit of music in the vault that will be released soon after the marketing for the project is coming to a close. I also produce for a few other artists that will also be dropping pretty soon - most of which I executively produced so a lot of exciting things in the near future!

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