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“Fugazi” By Ohnlé Will Have You Vibing For Days

Hailed by fans as “feel-good music, with a unique sound”, Ohnlé music has its roots in Pop and R&B setting his signature sound of Pop/R&B Fusion, but wets the appetite of other genre palates, using musical mixtures of Rock, Reggae, Jazz, and Country. From head-bopping, upbeat tempos that inspire fun, new beginnings, and sprouting relationships, to slow-grooving ballads that empathize with love and heartbreak; his music mantra is versatility, substance, and journey. His main message to his fans is to "Stay Close, Show Love".

An empowering anthem that will make you get and move, “Fugazi” boasts old school R&B elements fused with a contemporary new wave sound to create a sound that authentically is Ohnlé . His expert vocalism flows freely while he weaves through the catchy hook and flawless verses. Ohnlé ’s vocals have sultry undertones layered with confidence and original swagger. “Fugazil” is a song that anyone can vibe along to at any occasion. Ohnlé specializes in making music that his fans and all listeners can relate to and interpret in their individual ways. I highly recommend you check out “Fugazi”!

Listen to “Fugazi” here and read more with Ohnlé in our interview below!

Hey Ohnlé! Welcome to BuzzMusic! What made you start taking your music career more seriously?

I moved at LA August 8th of 2017 from Houston TX, where I was blessed to be able to accomplish a lot in the Film/Television world. But around January of 2018 my mother and little sister fell on hard times and eventually became homeless. This time, without me there. So I told my mother I was going to get a home studio and start cranking out these instrumentals and bring in extra cash. That originally was the plan, but the artistry in me started to move and my vocals on tracks started to catch peoples attention. So, I decided to rebrand from "Dominyck McCargo" to "Ohnlé" and truly take this as serious as a business.

How do you think your upbringing affects the music you create?

My mother was singing to me while I was still in the womb(lol) and I was exposed to such a wide range of music, from jazz, to blues, to 80's rock to R&B, to Disney songs! So for my music, that's why I truly believe and hone in on my lane as Pop/R&B Fusion. The tone of my voice is pop, but my cadence and flow is R&B/HipHop, which I don't believe anyone has taken quite hold of the sound like I plan to. I was also fortunate to be able to be exposed to cultivating the talents that my mother instilled in me that they were God given.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your track “Fugazi”?

Fugazi, is an Introduction to the simple side of my sound to make you bounce and feel good, but to stay tuned because I will gradually bring you into the heart of my ideology which are "Journey. Versatility. Substance." with much deeper tracks.

What’s your writing process look like? What challenges do you face and how do you overcome them?

I actually did an iGTV video on this. It starts off by either I'll get a bar or a melody in my head, then I'll record in my voice memos. Then I head to the studio and start browsing sounds, designing sounds etc. Then once I find a vibe I build from there. Once the composition of the track is done, then I start to write lyrics, and that honestly goes from bar to bar and then I figure out what exactly I'm talking about, and that becomes clear in the hook(lol), but I'm always telling a story in my music, and I challenge my listeners to find it out. As far as challenges, I'm not sure if you mean writing challenges or just daily general challenges for music, so I'll answer both. Writing and Inspiration Block happen for most tracks, My good songs always come in threes, the others either don't get finished or they get turned into just beats to sell. But to get through the blockage I take a step back and let the words or inspiration come naturally, I'll be walking down the street or see something or i'll be praying and then boom, There it is. Then the general challenges of being independent and on my own right now, I am my team, all of my marketing strategies, merch designs, show bookings, everything, comes from me. So building that necessary team/ funding are the main challenges right now. To get through those? How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. So I'm just staying diligent, and striving, and continuing to have faith that God has me on this journey for a successful reason. It's been working so far :)

What can we expect from you next!?

Fugazi is the 1st song in a 3 song series that will be all out by this years end for sure. The next two songs are "Let's Love" a story about two lovers putting their baggage aside and loving each other as if they've never been hurt before. Then the third song is "Commitment" Which is a story of commitment issues, from the perspective of the person with the issues and why they are the way they are. Plus visuals for these. I'm excited for these two. After that I'll be letting the listeners pick which songs they want next. I have the next year and a half of songs ready (lol).


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