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Full Of Talent And Quirky Punchlines, Annie Nirschel Releases New EP “(It’s Not) a Bad Time”

Blending folk and pop with punk sensibilities, Annie Nirschel is an up and coming new talent based in Brooklyn, NY. Her music takes on the theme of Annie being a complete realist. From concerts, festivals, and parades to sports bars and basements, Annie has been spreading her contagious sound nationwide. 

Annie's new EP, "(It's Not) a Bad Time", produced by Wonderpark Studios in Gowanus, can be heard wherever you stream your music. Featured on the EP, is the acoustic-pop, and the title track, “Bad Time”. We can’t stop grooving to this catchy lighthearted tune on repeat. I highly recommend you do the same so you can sing along with the energetic vocals and authentic indie sound arrangements. The lyrics focus on real life, it’s relatable and completely accessible for listeners from all walks of life. Annie has already received much success and positive feedback for her newest release and we can see why! Easy listening instrumentation blasts through the speakers layered with addicting acoustic arrangments and soulful lyricism. Annie has created an eclectic motif and we can’t wait to see what this up and coming Brooklyn-based artist curates for her fans next!

Check out “Bad Time” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey there Annie Nirschel! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re really happy to be featuring your song “Bad Time”. It’s very catchy, but also incorporates an integral message within. Can you explain to our readers the truth that is embedded within the track?

Hi thank you! "“Bad Time” is probably the resignation letter I wrote a few weeks after moving to Brooklyn. Its rooted in that acceptance, of— oh man, I might always be confused and sticky and humid and that’s okay. The underlying truth is, “hey! Ultimately? It’s fine!”, with a pinch of existential dread and hysteria for good measure.

We really enjoyed your EP in entirety, but we’re curious about what the overall theme was. Can you shed some light on what you hope your listeners take away from this project?

Thats so cool of you to say! I think "(It's Not) a Bad Time" is an exploration of ways your heart can be unromantically broken: these are songs about difficult friendships and the subway system and the last episode of, "Nathan For You", and about being disappointed and jealous and broke and uninspired.

Of course I want people to listen, but the take away— if any— is none of my business. I wouldn’t be doing any of this if I were focused on a response. But like, if any of these songs are the catalyst for someone else’s— feelings???? You can ignore everything else I’ve said up until this point because that feels so, so cool.

Of all the concerts and festivals and all of the sports bars and basements, what would you say is your most memorable moment as an artist? 

At one on my first shows, an old man waited until the bridge of a song to come up to me and scream, "ARE YOU GOING TO BE DONE SOON?". And then once a guy took out his guitar to play in the audience while I was playing on stage. Someone spilled their entire beer on me during a set and I’ve had people jump up on stage to sing harmony, sober and not. Shows are always eventful.

The most memorable (and nice) moment was when I was able to get the crowd at an open mic to sing along to my song, “Alejandra”. It was such a cool thing, I almost cried.

 How do you personally feel about live performance? Would you say that you prefer the live performance aspect of music more over the writing/recording process?

Absolutely! Songwriting is arduous, and, recording, on my end, is pretty hands off; I work with Wonderpark Studios in Gowanus and they consistently build these insane and elaborate productions on top of my guitar and vocals (like, the piano and the trombone on "Bad Time"?? Can you believe???). 

In my day to day life I'm a card-carrying introvert but my favorite thing is performing with other musicians. I've learned that you really, really can't grow in a vacuum (I've tried!), and having a network of talented people who all want to see each other thrive is wildly important. 

I've recently been performing with a band of some of the most brilliant humans I know and it's also added an extra layer to how much fun this can be; every show is an accomplishment, and to be able to share it is so, so cool. Also, we sound great, so that's also good.

It was great having you here on BuzzMusic! Tell us more about what's next for you after this song release? Any shows in the near future?!

Yay! Yes always! I try to play every night, whether it be a full set or an open mic or on a park bench until someone yells at me or it starts to rain.

I'll be at the Bowery Poetry on 10/7, Pianos on 10/21 and Rockwood Musichall 11/10 with my band, and then there are a bunch of other dates before and after and in between that you can find on my Instagram.

My song, "Alejandra", is coming out later this year and I'm planning a tour in the spring-- and by tour I mean, like, out of New York shows. Maybe in New Jersey. Who knows.

There's more and there will be more: the most valuable lesson I've learned from this is that you've got to have a bunch of things cooking at once-- that's how you start a fire, man! I'm trying to do all the things all the time. It's a lot of juggling and a lot to keep track of but I'm having a great time.


Keep up with Annie Nirschel through her socials:

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