Furlong Releases New Single 'Hurt’s Don’t It”

Furlong, a Grunge-pop band from Melbourne, takes a modern twist on their 90's sound and brings their compelling energy to the front with strong female vocals and tunes that contrast dynamically to keep you on your toes. Finding inspiration in their favorite musicians, and people in general, this four-piece ensemble was quick to find their soundscape in their first single ‘Tell Me It’s Mutual’. Their latest offering from their Calypso EP is ‘Hurts Don’t It’, which details situations where saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can have hard hitting consequences.

Furlong’s song, ‘Hurts Don’t It’ from the Calypso EP, catches your attention with soft but meaningful guitars and vocals. Her first words hit as she says “Everybody talks with mouths open wide,” as so many speak without thinking first. The live tone of the instruments and vocals brings a sense of authenticity to the air that makes me feel like I’m listening to them live. As she goes on, she explains it’s hard to come back from the things we say sometimes, which creates conflicts in our relationships. As you're listening think about the way words hurt and the lesson it teaches be more cautious of what you say on impulse to others. Take a drive or relax by the pool, either way, this tune will have your toes tapping, and your mind turning.

Stream the song on Spotify here.

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