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FVI$ is Blowing Up with his Latest Hit "TNT," featuring Denver

Neo-Soul Afro-Canadian artist, FVI$ is breaking barriers not just musically but also on an international scale as well.

Hailing from the town of Kano, Nigeria, FVI$ is a multi-genre artist with his main focus honing in on the sound of old school 90’s dance records.

Known for his unique blend of UK and Afro drill rap he fuses his creations together with Jazz and Rock elements from Canadian music. Back with his latest track, “TNT,” FVI$ is recruiting Hip-hop artist Denver to bring you the intense sounds we get to hear.

Keen to grow the never-ending knowledge that comes with the industry, FVI$ knows he can get it done with the help of his team and the friendly reminder that with constant evolution, there are no limits.

“TNT,” bends genres as the instrumentation begins with the unorthodox sounds of an eclectic escapade enticing you with the various sound effects worked into the beat. As the beat drops, FVI$ certainly stresses the UK Hip-hop elements that he exudes in this track. With the strong delivery of his crafty lyricism dripped in witty quips, FVI$ puts on quite the illustration throughout this performance.

You can’t help but be pulled into the production with the way FVI$’ vocalization merges with this composition. The entire format of this record takes on an exclusive blend as we hear the memorable hook that Brandon Watt presents to keep the energy on an all-time high as he teases us with quite the lead up to Denver’s heavy-hitting wordplay.

Paying their homage to the crew that they rep, they drive home the fact that they stick together through it all. Ensuring that they fuse traditional Hip-hop components that dive into the new wave modern flow, FVI$ is the ring leader of “TNT,” which has you bouncing to each word performed. Sprinkling his own flavor on every beat he touches, you have an intoxicating sound that remains unmatched.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, FVI$! Congratulations on the release of “TNT.” We would love to know; how did the collaboration between yourself, Brand Watt, and Denver come to be?

It happened over the course of a few weeks. Upon my first introduction to our audio engineer, SMOOTHe, I told him about my trials and errors with a hip hop song I had been working on. SMOOTHe took one look at my verses and suggested I talk to Brandon Watt and Denver for help. One brainstorm session with them was all it took to produce our first draft. It wasn’t until we got in the booth and started adding emotion and energy that we realized what needed to change. I definitely did not want to rush things with “TNT”… so, after I finished my debut RnB song “Love or Lust” featuring AMANI, we proceeded to live, breathe, and talk “TNT.”

We know that every artist has a different creative process. Could you please take us into what yours looks like?

To be honest, I’m more of a mad scientist than I am a rapper. My creative process closely mimics the scientific method because I believe music is more of a science than an art form. Usually, I start off with an idea or a topic (could be anything), next I proceed to make a hypothesis about whether the combination of my voice with said instrumentals and melodies will cause an earworm. Most times the song’s replay-ability is either too high or too low-- meaning you’re either going to fall in love too fast and then hate the song even faster or it just might not be your vibe. The next stage is constructing the outline, the lyrics. The lyrics are very important because they dictate what type of audience you cater to. Once outlining and brainstorming is done, then we move to the testing stages. Personally, testing can take anywhere from 5 hours to 5 months. I usually test vocal levels, flow switching, enunciation, ad-lib placement… etc. I sometimes revise the instrumental itself 1000 times before I say a single word because if I myself, can’t fall in love with the beat in some way, shape, or form, I know that right away the chances of long-term success are slim. After mentally evaluating risk and getting the reactions and opinions from people I trust, I move onto the final stages of recording and post-production.

What does this song mean to you as an artist and as an individual?

As an artist, this song is about stepping into one’s power. It’s very similar to the natural phenom of serpents that shed their old skin revealing a new stronger layer beneath. I truly believe everyone has a predetermined destiny but only what you choose to do with your present will allow you to take hold of your future. My parents, thank God for them, hammered many Aesop fables and African proverbs into my head, but the one that sticks is “if you fail to prepare, then you must prepare to fail.” Personally, as an individual when I look at the art objectively all I hear is untapped potential; like a scorching mantle full of diamonds waiting for someone to unearth it.

What theme would you like listeners to take away from “TNT?"

“TNT” is a very high-energy, fast-paced song, you don’t really enjoy it unless you’re working out, or competing in some sort of sport or game. However, when it gets played in the club’s hip hop section it does well; DJ Joze says the only problem I have is that more people just need to remember the name. In my opinion, “TNT” is very versatile but I would say the main theme of the song is motivational/upbeat, therefore you could classify it as workout music or trap music.

What can listeners expect next from you?

They can expect growth and quality. I intend on taking my skill, music theory, post-production knowledge, and audio engineering to the next level. Also, I intend to drop more freestyles, LPs, mixtapes, and music videos. With the upcoming songs, my goal is to surpass the artist I was yesterday. Only then will I be able to lay the foundation for upcoming talent after me to shine as well. I can’t say too much about the specifics, but (RFG) Lockup and Camp Concrete have something big coming to speakers near you.

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