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FYVEYES Comes to Impress with Fierce New Single, “Come And Love Me”

FYVEYES from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, is preparing the launch of their debut album that has been in the works for over a year.

Members Harry Young, Harper Champion, and Harry Champion formed the band in 2019 and are still in their teens, working hard to develop a thrilling and spunky sound.

“Come And Love Me” is the latest release from FYVEYES, and the second release overall, featuring energetic guitar and vocals with a classic rock feel. What really grabs your attention is the striking guitar solos that radiate a bold and fun atmosphere. The vocals add an element of grit and sharpness, with lyrics embodying the passion and feelings of not wanting to slow things down in a budding relationship.

“Come And Love Me” keeps you in suspense with constant dynamic changes, never letting up on the enthrallment. The feel-good nature of the melody and instrumentation makes “Come And Love Me” perfect for a live show or at-home dance party. FYVEYES are entering the hard rock music industry with a bang and are here to show us what they can do. The debut album from FYVEYES is called “Elephant Room”, so keep your eyes peeled for that next release.

What was the recording process like for “Come And Love Me?" Being a newly formed band, was there anything that surprised you about the process?

Originally we went into the studio with the intent of recording a 5 track EP in October 2019. But after talking with our producer, on the second day of a 5-day session we decided to instead start recording an album. We spent the rest of that week tracking drums and bass and would come back throughout the next few months to record the guitars/vocals as it was easier for us to afford that way. The recording of the album was quite a drawn-out process (also largely due to the interference of COVID) but overall it was a very enjoyable time for us and I think that really comes out in the record.

How does “Come And Love Me” compare to the rest of your album “Elephant Room?"

The album is quite a fun, fast, aggressive record, which ‘Come And Love Me’ encapsulates quite well. Some of the tracks have a darker, heavier tone on the record but they all share the same intensity and grittiness that makes them come together 

What inspired the three of you to come together and form FYVEYES? Does FYVEYES have a particular meaning?

FYVEYES was originally formed back in 2016 with myself and three different band members, with the intent of entering a battle of the bands like competition. Our bassist at the time chose the name FYVEYES, it’s based on The Five Eyes (FVEY) intelligence alliance comprising of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Originally my guitarist and I wanted to call the band ‘The Shambollicks’ as we were really into punk, but admittedly FYVEYES was a better name. Eventually, we all moved onto other bands, and my band members at the time all went off to uni as they weren’t passionate about pursuing music.

We then decided to form the current FYVEYES as the three of us shared the same passion for music with the intent of recording some tracks and playing some fun live shows. All of us had played together in some form in the past, our drummer Harper being my brother and our bassist Harry went to the same boarding school as us.

Where do you see your sound going after your “Elephant Room” release? Would you ever experiment with different sounds?

We believe that changing our sound from album to album is important. We want the next album to be more diverse and incorporate new instruments and sounds. We still want to make aggressive, gritty music but also want to experiment creatively and go places that we haven’t gone on the ‘Elephant Room’ record. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020 and what can we expect to see next from you?

Once our record comes out we have a lot of shows coming up, some in places we’ve never played before. We find inspiration in the experiences we have and are looking forward to being able to play live again after a long hiatus due to COVID. No doubt this will get the creativity flowing and we are hoping to then get back into the studio and make another record. We already have some new songs written and a vision of what we want to create from there, so we can’t wait to get into it.


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