Gabe Gizz and Nephew Sam Release New Song "Coat Check"

Gabe Gizz and Nephew Sam are two artists rising quickly out of Rockford, IL. Gabe and Sam both provide their own unique styles and sound that contrast to one another that brings different layers to each track they create. One of their most recent tracks "Coat Check" off of their project "Sounds of Elixir" was released on Oct. 31, 2018 bringing a catchy hook on top of a vibrant beat.

Listen to "Coat Check"

Connect with Gabe Gizz and Nephew Sam on social media:

Twitter: Gabe Gizz - @GabeGizz Nephew Sam - @Nephew_Sam

Instagram: Gabe Gizz - @GabeGizz Nephew Sam - @Nephewsam33

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