Gabzriel's New Single “Lightning” Will Leave You Craving For More

Gabzriel is the next R&B sensation whose future is looking a little brighter with his single “Lightning”. This new single is a vibe at entirely. It’s smooth, sexy and sensual. "Lightning" begins with the seductive intro to the R&B trap beat accompanied with a hauntingly riveting harmony by the artist. Once Gabzriel begins to sing with full vocal control and charming resonance, you’re immediately captured in the moment of the music. The tempo of his delivery transitions from smooth-sailing melodic vocals to more fast-paced rap flow with an singing tone infused.

I’m sure most of us have those late-night vibe songs we listen too by artists who knows how to set the mood such as Bryson Tiller, Trey Songz, and Tory Lanez. Gabzriel’s “Lighting” makes a great addition to the playlist. The artist also released a visual alongside the song with intricate creativity and metaphorical images displayed. What I took from this, is that Gabzriel knows exactly how to think outside the box and innovate ideas best suitable for him and his artist opinion. Gabzriel gained a fan from us, and we’re almost positive he will gain a few more after this!


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