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Garner a Sense of Nostalgia Through TREY's New Release

With indie and alternative roots, TREY, pronounced “all caps trey,” sings of the inner sensation found within when you find that one special person in their new single “I forgot that people stayed until I met you.” Each wave of emotion takes listeners through the most vital and most vulnerable moments of this experience and clarifies that all individuals, no matter what, are worthy of love.

With some of the lyrics and melody coming to TREY during a refreshing pandemic bike ride, each lyric in “I forgot that people stayed until I met you” is filled with a sense of tranquility, passion, and waves of elusive ambiance. In combination with gusty guitar riffs, this single highlights a sense of nostalgia.

“I forgot that people stayed until I met you” is a great taste of TREY’s musical style as we can expect to see a full-length album released sometime this year and with the emotion, in this track, it will be a great day when we can see it performed live.

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