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Gede Takes Listeners On Exciting Journey On Fresh Track, “Sinners"

Emerging solo-artist Gede hails from Washington, D.C, where he pairs classic sounds, engaging percussion, and distorted guitars to create his unique musical tracks. As he draws an immense focus on always moving forward, Gede's driving bass and big beats mix hooks to create a gritty, rock and roll, electronica mix.

Gede's newest single: "Sinners," lies on his newly released album 'Forward' and draws influence from other successful alternative rock artists like Tame Impala, Anderson Paak, and ZZ Top. "Sinners" is a moving, vacation-like style track that creates images of going on a journey filled with many joys, obstacles, and figuring acts.

In lyrics like "They do not see their mission," Gede can surround listeners in his sound and clearly define the journey ahead that this song captures. With each beat listeners will feel as if they are on the run without a second to wait; always on their toes. Limited vocalized lyrics allow listeners to focus on the tremendous instrumental connection that supports this musical movement. With "Sinners," Gede has been able to connect with current times and encourage individuals to move forward and complete their goals amid the pandemic, although no one knows directly where we are headed or for how long. We can't wait to hear more striking and moving work from Gede as he releases more inspiring electronic songs.

We love your new track “Sinners” and were interested in where you drew inspiration from for this song?

Sinner’s is heavily influenced by living in Washington DC and Go-Go music. DC is a very transient city with many different cultures and agendas and that tension was something I embraced on both this song and album. The chorus is big and energetic with newer sounding vocals, while the verse has a retro Motown groove. Finally, the live elements are backed by a big beat, driving bass, and thick guitars that give the song an electronic edge and keeps the listener moving. There’s a lot going on, but I’m really happy with how it came out.

You mentioned the influence you have drawn from other successful alternative rock/electronic artists, how have you been able to connect their style with your own passion to create your unique sound?

For most of my life, I have been a bass player who can’t sing! This meant I was always reliant on a band, singer, or writing partner when making music. However, that challenge also allowed me to develop a strong ear and sense of composition. As I became a stronger designer and artist my vision and sound started to come together and Gede was born. Whether starting with a riff, beat, or sample, I care less about the style and more about if the piece is interesting and fits within the story I’m trying to tell. All of this is working with or in parallel to the development of bold visuals and art direction. When you look at the artists that influence me the most right now: Tame Impala, Anderson Paak, Jack White, Khruangbin, Gary Clark Jr., ZZ Top, I think there is a very similar thought process in their approach to storytelling through their brand.

For listeners, what would you say is the perfect situation and time to listen to your track?

“Forward” is both metaphorical and literal, so get your headphones and get out! Like most people, since quarantine started I’ve spent a lot of time exploring my community. The energy and playlist style of the album makes it the perfect soundtrack for when you're on the move.

Do you find that there is a connection between the influence behind each piece and what journey you hope to address for all of your tracks or are each super individualized?

While each song is made to stand on its own, a lot of thought was put into the listener’s journey and the album as a whole. In ways, I approach the album like a playlist, making sure there is a flow leading the listener along. Styles and vocalists may change but there is an underlying current and message that ties the album together. Outside of music, I am an art director whose job is to develop a brand and build a complete picture. I very much approached Gede this way, and every song and visual is carefully considered to make sure it ladders back up to an overarching concept.

What can we expect to see next?

More music, more art, more releases! The next Gede album is already underway and will come out this spring, but I am also working on new collaborations and some really exciting projects. 2021 is going to be a busy year!


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