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Gelax Gives You "Life" With Their New Hit!

What is Gelax? Gelax is the made up layers of dreamy vocal melodies, disconnected lyrics, hypnotic guitar loops merging with accents of crunchy riffs, pumping bass grooves and exotic beats. Got you interested yet? Gelax is an unforgettable group. A style they dubbed as "fantasy rock", mixing comforting chords with a little bit of mysticism, unusual structures with darker moods, climaxing into an uplifting conclusion of sounds.

Gelax released a super dope record titled “Life”, in which they wanted to focus more on the lyrical arrangement. Studying the songwriting of Gelax could be used with complex detail. They don’t give too much, but shy away from too little in this record. “Life” is an overall enticing record in which you can’t help but love. It breathes energy into its listener with a unique production, a production you won’t regret becoming hypnotized by. The hypnotic sound Gelax produced in Life not only turned me into a fan, but had me longing for more. I love authenticity in music. Something we’re missing in a lot of today’s musical culture is authentic artists who aren't afraid to go against the grain of today’s pop culture! Gelax is here to bring something fresh and new to music and we’re here for it! I can’t wait to see what else they come up with, and if it’s anything like “Life”, I’m sure they would exceed past my expectations. The orchestration of the track was chilling, the alluring melodies were memorable, and the panoramic dynamics were unforgettable!

Listen to "Life" here and get to know more about Gelax below!

Gelax! Great to chat with you. Tell us about your record “Life” and the theme behind this

Hello, and thanks for hosting this.“Life” came to be after a period of rough times and stressful events, where a conversation between us sparked by our discussions on what it means to be happy and how we get sidetracked from the blessings we have everyday.

What impact does this song personally leave on you?

A constant reminder of being grateful of what we have and staying in the present moment. 

What were some challenges you’ve faced in the making of “Life” ?

It was the first time our singer GelaxKey attempted to make a music video and edit it herself, due to low funds. She had to learn step by step during the process of making it.

How do you plan on elevating your sound from an amazing record like “Life” ?

To constantly keep pushing our boundaries of what’s expected and get inspired by new methods and sounds in writing, all while staying true to the subject matter. 

What’s next for you?

We have just released another follow up single “Crazy Arms” on all streaming platforms and currently working on an official video for it, to be released very shortly. 


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