'Generation Zero' by Timi Tamminen ft. Humble

Currently residing in London, Timi Tamminen is a 24 year old artist and producer on top

of his solo career. His sound consists of melodic vocal elements and infuses hip hop, alternative

rock and r&b which results in a distinct and creative sound. Timi writes, produces, and performs most of his songs himself. Tamminen also lends himself as a hook writer and being featured by other artists.

“Generation Zero” has its own music video (I encourage you to check it out) , and starts

off with an echoey instrumental and finally the beat kicks in. It definitely has a chill vibe and beat

that is like a chill lo-fi beat (great for studying). Then, comes the vocals where it's pleasing to the ears and adds the extra kick to the beat. The song itself is talking about the new generation and

how most young people don’t really think about their actions hence the chorus “ashes to ashes

to ashes”. The rap part of the song really brings the grit a long with the ending where Timi belts

out a phenomenal falsetto that ties in the frustration of everything and how he observes what he

calls “generation zero”. Make sure to go check out Timi’s channel and his music video!

Connect with Timi Tamminen on social media:

facebook.com/timitamminenmusic instagram.com/thetimitamminen