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Genre-Bending Duo Operation Underground Releases “Our Rock City”

Operation Underground just dropped their newest single “Our Rock City” early June 2019 and we can’t stop vibing to the eclectic rap/rock fusion. An experimental and explosive new wave sound, Operation Underground weaves through elements of catchy classic rock and smooth hip-hop bars. Easily comparable to legends like The Beastie Boys, Operation Underground has a specific sound that we can’t get enough of. “Our Rock City” is a confident hip-hop anthem that we can’t help but sing along. Operation Underground is here to announce to their haters that they’re here with a new sound, and they're here to stay and take over this new genre they’ve created.

This dynamic duo is comprised of two male indie artists from Denver, Colorado. Both members of Operation Underground grew up in New York near the Ithaca area. Operation Underground was formed in late October 2018 and they’ve shown no signs of slowing down since then. Heavily influenced by Eminem, Nas, Insane Clown Posse and many more, Operation Underground is a refreshing new addition to the underground hip-hop scene and we can’t wait to see what they do next!

Check out “Our Rock City” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!


Welcome to BuzzMusic Operation Underground! Can you start by introducing yourselves? How did you two meet and create Operation Underground?

Hello my name is Tha Freek 

Hello my name is Magnificent T 

Magnificent T: We are biological brothers. I'm the younger one and we have similar music interests but still many differences.      Tha Freek: Operation Underground was a name I came up with in high school that we didn't decide to use till after getting out of school.   

How did you establish your unique Rap/Rock style?

Magnificent T: We both want Operation Underground to not be just one genre of Rap. And we love experimenting and being as versatile as possible! Tha Freek: Pretty much what my Magnificent T said.   

What’s your writing process like together?

Magnificent T: Usually we write on different times of the day because we have different ways of writing songs that work best for each of us. 

Tha Freek: Magnificent T was right on the money with this one. We also review the song lyrics together and we write our own.   

We loved “Our Rock City”! What’s this track about? How do you want your listeners to feel about it?

Magnificent T: We just wanted to do a fun song that the listeners could vibe too. I came up with the hook on the spot and Tha Freek wrote the verses to go with it.

Tha Freek: It's about having fun like what Magnificent T. We want our listeners to hear what we stand for in the song as well.     

What’s next for Operation Underground?

Magnificent T: We are going back to more Rap songs but still occasionally releasing Rap Rock Singles.  

Tha Freek: Making more rap songs like mt said and pushing to get better. 


Catch up with Operation Underground via their social media:


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