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Geoff Has Released A Hypnotic And Jazzy Track Titled “Now”

Los Angeles based songwriter Geoff uses his singing and songwriting abilities to blend jazz chords, extended vocal harmonies and DIY bedroom production. Down to earth track “Now” starts off with the powerful beats of a drum, followed by hypnotizing layers of vocals that send the listener into a trance. Geoff has a voice that fits with jazz extremely well, as it has a very smooth and sultry tone that entrances audiences -- it is a very distinct sense of sounding. I personally think that this song is bringing more modern turn of jazz to a growing genre that is such a huge basis of music. You get that very relaxed and exquisite feeling from listening to “Now” and the slow mix of guitars, drums and bass or that emotion packed energy which is often intended with jazz music. Geoff has used his talents with many instruments and vocal styles to create a song that is passionate and with style that has large remnants of the jazz era as well as airy vocal tones mixed with harmonies that almost mimic the horn section that can be found in jazz bands. I am thoroughly impressed at the level of skill this “DIY bedroom production” artist, Geoff, has and the focus that he has put into creating the unique blend of sounds in “Now”.

If you are looking for a song that will relax you, and make you feel laid-back, then check out “Now” here!

Keep scrolling for Geoff's exclusive interview.

Hey Geoff! What a captivating sound! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Hey! Thank you! I’m from Los Angeles. I play a 7 string guitar, cause originally I was originally a bassist and missed the lower tones. Also cause Korn. A few years back, I was playing in a punk band called Nightmare Enterprises and the leader asked me to play chords in a way that included as many notes as possible. I still try to do that as much as I can, except now I use jazzier chords. Everything on the EP “It Never Feels Perfect” was performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by me in my home studio, except for a synth that I programmed. I don’t consider myself a professional at any of the things I did to make it, but I’m trying my best. Also I’ve been into Myers-Briggs typology since 2012, so the title spells out my type acrostically (is that the right word?). 

How did you first find your love for music and creating new sounds?

Music was always around for me as a kid. I started playing very young, but nothing made me want to take music seriously until in 8th grade. I found Slipknot’s “Disasterpieces” on youtube and that became my holy grail. I bought a copy and its all beat up from overuse. Corey Taylor is so cathartic a vocalist. The entire band is absolutely insane. I want(ed) to be able to channel whatever the hell they’re tapped into. Especially from that “Iowa” record. At some point in high school and college, my tastes expanded a bit and now include mostly Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Neo Soul, Metal and Singer-Songwriters so now my music references a ton of things.

What is the meaning behind “Now”?

I’ve always had a temper. I don’t know if it shows or not, but I’m terrified of it. As a teenager, I learned it was safest for everyone if I tried to swallow it. Right before the writing process, it became very clear to me that repressing my anger has permanently crippled some of my relationships and ended plenty of others. “Now” represents my recent commitment to myself: To teach myself to be myself without fear and to communicate my emotions healthily/effectively. The song has been serving as a mantra to me every time I play it. Its reminder of who I am capable of being when I don’t speak my mind. 

Are there any artist inspirations that help form your unique sound?

Way too many.  I’ll pick 14 cause thats a weird number and this is a weird collection of artists. 

Glassjaw, Hiatus Kaiyote, Thundercat, Adult Jazz, Emery, Kadhja Bonet, Pinkly Smooth, Tyler The Creator, Moses Sumney, Tool, Elliott Smith, Esperanza Spalding, Rage Against The Machine and Mr. Bungle. 

Can we expect anything new from you in 2019?

Yes, definitely. I’m working on new songs already. I have no idea when/if they’ll be out, but I’m pretty sure I’ll release something soon. My fellow musician Maello and I are trying to form some sort of collective. It seems like everyone we look up to is able to keep afloat completely off of their art because of the tight knit community they participate in. 


Make sure you check out Geoff on his socials in order to stay up to date with latest releases:


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