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George Khouri and KLASSIK Bring the Party Home With, “Club Quarantine”

Not even a full second into George Khouri and KLASSIK’s cutting-edge banger “Club Quarantine,” you will have yourself turning the volume over one hundred decibels in order to escape your quarantine as the artists transport you into a world of bliss.

Once you enter George Khouri and KLASSIK’s realm of EDM, the electronically produced melody layered between hip-popping beats will consume you. As a multi-instrumentalist who specializes in guitar and vocals, KLASSIK delivers passionate chorus vocals brimming with a soul that creates an effect comparable to the likes of Chris Brown or Jason Derulo.

With a long history of rap battles, witty bars, and electric flows, George Khouri brings the heat with each rapping verse. Once George Khouri grabs the mic, the energy of “Club Quarantine” goes from EDM banger to a forbidden dance club that many have dreamed of attending since the onset of the pandemic.

George Khouri has identified the intrinsic desire of his fans – to relive the experiences of sweaty, spirit-filled clubs that were once weekend occurrences in our lives – and he has made something beautiful out of it. Knowing that his fans are stuck at home dreaming about the good old days, “Club Quarantine” brings the good old days into their own homes.

The lyrics consist of multiple witty metaphors that compare life before the pandemic to what many would call the “new norm.” With KLASSIK’s hooking melodies and GeorgeKhouri’s hard-hitting Hip-Hop verses, the listener will be introduced to their new favorite nightclub, “Club Quarantine.”

What was your main inspiration when creating the dance banger “Club Quarantine?”

George Khouri: I was 100% inspired by D-Nice and his Club Quarantine on IG Live! This song is more or less an ode to him. He really did save the quarantine for millions of people! D-Nice single-handedly uplifted the world through music during the most challenging times.

KLASSIK: The track was put together in minutes, not hours as sometimes the greatest inspiration can come in difficult times, but regardless we wanted the song to be lighthearted and upbeat, and that is what we accomplished.

Can you tell us about your collaboration for “Club Quarantine?” What roles did each of you take during the entire process?

George Khouri: I felt I had one job on this track- to bring as much excitement to the song as I could! I even tapped into my background in comedy to write some comedic lines that will hopefully make some listeners laugh and put smiles on their faces.

KLASSIK: I was actually the one who found the instrumental for this song. I sent it over to George, and he loved it just as much as I did. This made the recording process smooth and easy for both of us. On song collaborations, it’s essential for all vocalists involved to naturally vibe with the music they are performing on.

What’s very cool is that I recorded my part in my New York quarantine, and George recorded his part in his LA quarantine. “Club Quarantine” is coast to coast digital music!

How does “Club Quarantine” compare to the rest of your songs? Have your music styles evolved over time?

George Khouri: What I love about Club Quarantine is that it’s a house party in my AirPods. It’s my one song that you can play on repeat over and over…you’ll hear something new every time! Hip Hop will always be number one for me, but I love bringing my lyricism into Pop Music.

KLASSIK: In these difficult and unprecedented times, it is so important to keep an upbeat attitude. The focus on this track was specifically to spread positive energy to all of our fans and listeners. Just like my artist name, I like to bring a classic, timeless element to all of the songs I create.

What is the main message you are trying to send to fans through the witty lyricism of “Club Quarantine?”

George Khouri: I wanted to remind fans to keep their relationships exciting. I know people have been quarantined with their partners and loved ones for months, and things can get boring...unless you make it fun. Every day of life’s a celebration- make it count!

KLASSIK: Our track club quarantine is all about that "push/pull" knowing we all want to get out, but can't do it in the way we would like to or are used to. That can bring thoughts of 'feeling low', but if we depend on each other we can get through it like so many other things in life.

What do you want listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

George Khouri: I’m all about the bars! When you listen to my songs, pay close attention to the lyrics. There’s always some clever wordplay tightly packed into my verses!

KLASSIK: I have always made music from an organic place, and used the art form as a way to connect with listeners and share experiences through storytelling. To have listeners achieve a common thread of experience is always my ultimate goal.



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