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George Khouri & Joséphine In New Single Say If There's a Tiger King, There's a "Tiger Queen"

Music duo George Khouri & Joséphine are shedding light on some trendy topics lately within their recent release of "Tiger Queen".

Inspired from the infamous show, George Khouri & Joséphine decided to craft a single dedicated to the one and only, Carole Baskin.

With reference to her current involvement with Dancing With the Stars, George Khouri & Joséphine felt driven to act on such contemporary themes. Already have a long track record individually and collectively, the music of George Khouri & Joséphine brings comedy, sensuality, and intriguing contrast to light. 

"Tiger Queen" explores the avenues of relationship turmoil, delving into the variety of mixed feelings that can arise from such doubtful thoughts. There's a sultry quality to Joséphine's vocal play, and her tonality creates a voluptuous ambiance. George Khouri most definitely contrasts Joséphine within "Tiger Queen", offering an interesting dynamic for listeners to pick apart. Joséphine fills the air with playful melodies, and George Khouri brings an assertive and simplistic performance.

You may quickly realize there's potent assimilation of ad-libs, and we find they only work to amplify the sensuality of the song. All in all, George Khouri & Joséphine bring their collective rhythm and personas together in "Tiger Queen", sharing their ultimate success in collaboration.  

What drove your motivations to create your single "Tiger Queen", which was influenced by the popular Netflix series, Tiger King

If there’s a Tiger King, then there must be a Tiger Queen! The entire series was a circus, and that’s exactly what the song feels like. So many ups and downs in emotions. Two men fighting over a woman who in the end proves that the power is her hands only. 

How would you describe the level of collaboration that ensued during the writing and recording phase of "Tiger Queen"?

We changed the mix over 100 times! Most of the time creating the song was spent experimenting with effects and dropping different ad-libs. We even have a vocal sample of someone on an actual safari in the intro of Tiger Queen. 

As artists who are both driven to create impactful music with affecting performances, how did you feel you complemented each other's artistic visions?

In my first verse, I’m rapping from the perspective of a guy trying to get his girlfriend back. In my second verse, I’m rapping from the perspective of a guy trying to convince a girl to get over her ex. Throughout the song, Joséphine explores entertaining the possibilities of each.

Tiger Queen is more or less a soap opera playing through your AirPods. 

What kind of next steps are you both planning on taking within the next few months, music-wise?

We’ve had great success with making songs about current pop culture topics. So far, we’ve released “Tiger Queen” and “Will & Jada.” Can’t wait to see what entertainment news headline inspires us next...third time’s a charm!   

What's next for you both?

Beyond music, I’m writing a feature film and Joséphine is working on opening a coffee shop! We’re excited to see how our music careers play into our other ventures.


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