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Georgi Invites Audiences Into a Moody Alternative-Pop World With Her Latest Single, "Play"

Georgi makes a name for herself with the minimalistic pedantries and mood-laden romanticisms found in her latest single, "Play."

With a dismal backdrop festering amidst ominously droning synths, the Chicagoan enigma takes on a sharp contour with her soft tethered tongue, wrapping herself around you like a tentacle on your thumb.

She does it with nonchalant expressionism, leaving her production minimal, with most of the sonic journey incorporating a catchy back-beat, reeling harmonies, and multifarious amounts of bewildering soundscapes that spill over the edges of electronic, pop, and alternative. 

Throughout the playback, Georgi sings like she's back on the schoolyard, masquerading over juvenile love like it's more dependable and more accessible than anything available at her fingertips in the present moment: "kids all do it better, tugging on your sweater strings, pulling at your hair, and screaming at you honestly."

She sings with a silver-tongued tonality, never vanishing from view as her mystifying sonic backdrops shapeshift, only slightly, from pre-chorus to chorus and from verse to bridge; employing her humming arrangements to festoon the air with cascading vocal succulence.

The denotation of how she feels about finding love at her age and how it felt more manageable when she was younger is so present, you can almost imagine the scene in your head: kids frolicking on the playground rubbing dirt on each other's clothes in demonstration of puerile love.

When you arrive at the traditional section around halfway through "Play," Georgi shows her most intoxicating side, embellishing the eclectic sonic voids with an amalgamation of modulated harmonies, binding and weaving together like a web.

The feeling of complete infatuation and bewilderment shouldn't come as a surprise when "Play" fades out and back into the voids from which it came; and when you're scouring the internet for more information about Georgi, there's no doubt you'll find something that resounds with you personally.

What sorts of emotions were you channeling into for "Play?" Do you feel like those sentiments and feelings are common-place in your musical catalog?

The emotions felt in "Play" are a bit multi-faceted. There is an obvious melancholy throughout the song that is a common theme in the first 5 songs I’m releasing. It wasn’t necessarily purposeful, I suppose just a clear window into where I was mentally at the time of writing them. Along with the moodiness, there is a dulled, almost “detached” emotion that I wanted to portray. A surety and confidence in self.

What was the initial meaning behind "Play?" How did you manage to develop that idea within this minimalistic soundscape? 

The initial idea for "Play" stemmed from that parasitic feeling we often get when we meet someone we’re interested in. It can be hard to find people we have a genuine fondness for, especially now, so when we do, we sometimes latch on too strong. That wish to romantically do everything together, partners in crime, til death do you part…perhaps prematurely. I wanted to take it back to youth where you got to see your crush in the hallways or at recess every day. As adults, it can be more of a strain to see one another, and men and women alike play more games than just tag. I wanted the simplicity of the song to mimic the way things can be a bit simpler as children.

Can you bring us back to the recording and production process behind "Play"? Where did it all start? On pen and paper, in a DAW with some midi notes, or some simple melodies stuck in your head? 

I first started writing "Play" about 2 years ago in my bedroom. I had melodies in my head and my friend at the time was teaching me how to use Ableton. It was one of the first beats I ever made. I usually start my songs by layering vocals together due to my amateur piano/guitar skills. I sang in an a capella group in college and so that was my easiest gateway into writing solo. I later collaborated with that same friend and a few more that helped me bring "Play" to full fruition.

If you could give your listeners a few words that would act as a prologue to the intended experience behind "Play," what would you say and why? 

If I could give my listeners a few words to act as a prologue to the song I suppose it would be “Be honest and true with/ to yourself and others. Chase the ones who chase you. Keep playing… it’s more fun.” I think listeners will understand what I mean by that in conjunction with the song.

What can we expect to hear next from you?

I have a few more singles coming out soon and a project following behind. The next single is titled "$uicide". Expect to hear a wide range of sounds. I don’t like fitting into a box, and I don’t plan on it.


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