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Georgia Feroce Releases "Baby Blue," a Testament to the Musical Doyen this Intoner Has Become

Reaching fans once again with an immersive emulsion of indie, pop, and rock, Georgia Feroce, the Singer-Songwriter from New England, now based in L.A., flushes out her emotional angst in the latest teaser, "Baby Blue," from her upcoming debut full-length album, 'My Own Head.'

The powerful track comes festooned with a backing team that's been turning heads since the Newport chanteuse's 2016 EP, 'Cat & Mouse,' where she corroborated with notoriety Producer Tone Def, who she's called upon for his support on her upcoming debut once again, which is slated to be the most potent opus of her musical ventures to date.

Over the latest emollient sentiments found within "Baby Blue," the Rhode Island native presents like a sonic liaison between a hierarchy of profound emotions festering within her from the past.

Through her elegist-reflecting verses and the lithe cadence she operates over, something between a waltz and an unhinged sway—she finds herself looking to the night sky, learning from the incandescent light that the floating rock emits, and channels her inner-poet with lyrics that ruminate: "as I flew among the stars the moon said something familiar, wherever you go, there you are, now I know the blue I see is really what's inside of me, every shade, every color."

It all starts off as a blithe collaboration between Georgia's magnetic voice, which renders-up saturated but pure, and a melodic guitar, which soon erupts into a chugging riff, enunciating the hooking portions of "Baby Blue," with effortless dynamics, and an industrious-rock character. Over the steadily booming hook ("hold onto something. The worst is still coming for you, deep in the dark in your heart, you know that it's true,") she resounds with a manifold of backing harmonics that land healthy on the heart as she punctuates each thundering line with a down-beat from the bombastic drums, and supporting bass behind her.

As she continues, the guitars change their attitude, sinuously diffusing bolstering melodic twangs as Georgia's archipelago of "Ooos" from the edges of the mix purifies the atmospheres from which she's singing like a cascading down-pour of tranquilizing harmonies. By the time the final top-line flings towards the exit, brushing off it's intensified aural trademarks on fans' eardrums and fading back into the open-air, the lines, "it's always blue, it's all blue," leave a distinctive after-glow that simply can't be washed off.

Though "Baby Blue" might seem like a dismal emphasis on the emotional turmoil Georgia has experienced in the past, the feeling of hope and catharsis is still somewhere present amongst it all. Whether it be through her infatuating tone, the bolstering instrumentations she decorates her narratives with or the underlining themes of living in the moment and longing for the future, it's clear that not all is black and blue in Georgia Feroce's world.

Can you run us through the production process behind "Baby Blue?" What came first, the story and lyrics, a melody in your head, or maybe a rhythm that took hold of your heart?

"Baby Blue" was the first song I wrote on my electric guitar. I had the guitar for a couple of months, and since I wasn't used to playing electric, my strumming pattern and time signature were different from what I normally played on acoustic. That difference created this brand new space for me to create, and then the floodgates were open! The song flowed out of me like a story from a book, and it really all came together. It starts, "When you were a little kid," and I really dove into this whole nursery rhyme/Grimm's fairy tale theme with the melody and the imagery in the lyric, and the music video, too, which I'm so, so excited about! I always envisioned an animated music video for Baby Blue, and over the summer I met the multi-talented, Jhariah Clare through a Twitch concert where we both performed. He mentioned he also animates music videos, I was blown away by his portfolio, he loved the song, and that was that! It was really serendipitous, and it's just another magical moment that's part of Baby Blue. I couldn't be more grateful for how it's all turned out.

When you think about the emotions you had to channel into to capture the performance on "Baby Blue," which stands out as the most prominent, and why? Do you feel like these sentiments are common-place in most of your work now?

When I sing this song, and when I listen to it, there's definitely this deep sense of sadness. Honestly, I feel the lyrics can be taken very literally in this song. There's definitely a dark undertone to the song, but it's not all sad because I'm not all sad, and life's not all sad! Baby Blue is about growing up, and growing up is scary, exciting, and also pretty boring sometimes. I feel a lot of different emotions from this song, but for me the most prominent emotion is love. Of course, right?! I'm always writing about love! Baby Blue is different, though, because it's about self-love. I feel really inspired when I sing Baby Blue. I'm accepting who I was, who I am now, who I'm going to be, and it's empowering.

Were there any underlying messages you integrated into the story behind "Baby Blue?" Maybe something you wanted to personally express to help audiences understand something about themselves or about you?

At my last live show at Hotel Cafe before the COVID shutdown, I preceded Baby Blue by saying, "I think the message of this song is it doesn’t matter where you are in life, it’s gonna be hard. But as long as you have people that you love, that’s what matters, and that's gonna get you through it… You might not know it from the words, but that’s what I mean!” I was afraid the audience would hear "Hold onto something. The worst is still coming for you," and think that I was threatening them! Everyone laughed, though, and it was a really special moment. I really did feel the love in that room, and, as I said, love is what this song is about. I think as humans we are so much stronger when we learn to love ourselves because then we are better able to love others. It's certainly easier said than done, and I'll be the first one to admit I still have growing to do, but I think just knowing that I am capable of love, is an achievement in itself. I hope that whoever is listening to this song feels that way about themself and knows it to be true.

When it comes to working with Tone Def, why do you feel like his production style and skills enhance the creative-musical picture you have set-out for your career in your head? Why do you enjoy working with him, and do you believe "Baby Blue" would impact the same without his support?

When I came to Tone back in August 2019 with Baby Blue, I just knew that it was the right decision. He's always so enthusiastic and supportive, and he takes the right steps to really understand the direction I'm heading with my music. We listened to other artists whose sound resonates with me, I sent him to reference songs, we discussed and then we got to work! We finalized Baby Blue back in October 2019 (so this song has been burning a hole in my back pocket for over a year!). It was just perfection. Once Baby Blue was done, we were both like, "Hell yeah! Let's make a record!" And it's been one of the best experiences of my life. There are a lot of talented producers in LA, but I wanted to work with Tone because we've known each other for five years, and that matters because he knows me as an artist and a person. I've grown so much since I released Cat & Mouse back in 2016, which Tone also produced, and I just feel like it's really special for both of us to see the transformation.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020? What can we anticipate to see next from you, as we enter a new year?

Getting this record done and putting it out into the world! I can't even explain how much of my soul is going into this album. The thing about making music, I feel, is that the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Actually, that's probably how it is with almost everything, but anyway! Definitely keep an eye out for the Baby Blue music video, which will be out on my Instagram and Youtube channel. I'll probably release another single at some point early next year, and then the album drops in Spring 2021. I'm aiming for late March around my birthday. It seems like a nice birthday gift to give to myself!



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