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Germaine Released His Rnb Hit “Enough”

Germaine is an upcoming Rnb singer from Temecula, California. Originally, from Norfolk, Virginia. He’s simply aiming to make it out the city!

Germaine released his single titled “Enough” and we were mesmerized by the production of this record. “Enough” had all the components of a hit RNB song that we love. From his trendy auto tuned vocals to the lightly sensual energy he delivered with an upbeat melody mixed with a smooth-sailing radiance, “Enough” knows how to weave between eras of Rnb that we love. The contemporary and infectious melodies that has us singing along in our cars subconsciously repeating the lyrics. What’s so classic about “Enough” is the timeless appeal it had. “Enough” showcased the effortless way of creating an evergreen affect on its listener. The hook seeps into your brain with a long-lasting effect, and you just find yourself naturally enjoying the music. Germaine is a highly skilled vocalist and despite the autotune, he dynamically shows off that wide vocal range he’s equipped with. Going up and down multiple registers, he proves to be more than just an artist but a singer as well who doesn’t shy away from vocally showing caliber!

Listen to "Enough" here and get to know more about Germaine below!

Do you have any classic R&B influences? It’s noticeable in your vocal style! If so who and why?

Man I can’t really choose just one influence I love classic R&B but my one of my biggest idols of the classic genre would be Michael Jackson! I grew up listening to him and also Boys II Men and a lot of others so I guess it’s just something I picked up along the way haha

Tell us about your new single “Enough”! What's the meaning behind the song?

So basically it’s about a relationship With a female that’s asking me to give and show her love but at that moment in my life I can’t do that, all I can do is give her my energy and some of my time and we continue to kick it and make it happen even though we both know it’s not the right thing to do.

What emotion did you channel in while writing “Enough” ?

I would say I wrote the song off of contentment and guilt haha it’s wild because if you listen to the lyrics I’m basically saying I’m invested and satisfied with giving the girl my energy and being able to be the person to lay her down at the end every night, but at the end of the day in my head I know it’s not right of me to lead her on knowing I can’t fully commit to giving her my love.

What are some obstacles you face in your career in the music industry? How do you manage to overcome these obstacles?

Man the obstacles I face in being in the music industry would just have to be who I trust and who I give my time too, because I’ve done been played, lead on all types of stuff haha. I lost someone I was in love with because she didn’t agree with me pursuing music as a career so at that time in my life I was down and couldn’t decide what was the best move to make. It’s crazy when you have to choose between two thing that you love, but I stuck it out and kept grinding putting my focus into other thing like the music and that’s why I’m still here so we gone keep it pushing till the wheels fall off!

What’s next for you Germaine?

Yo... MORE CONTENT COMING SOON! Me and my brothers locked in! We got videos and albums on the way! S/O “Kombat Artist” the team! ... last but not least expect a project from me COMING SOON! #LoveAintFair 


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