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Gerry Smoot Comforts Your Mood With “A Flight To Somewhere”

If you’re a big fan of those smooth jazz tunes to get you through the day then we might have something in store for you! The instrumental record titled “Flight to Somewhere” by the talented instrumentalist, Gerry Smoot, knows how to smooth you through time with a comforting and relaxing voice-less jam! Some of the chords and notes were so intricately coordinated that it felt as if it was played in some sort of subtle swing-like motion. “A Flight To Somewhere” is your more than average combination of typical smooth-jazz elements mixed with easy-listening pop. “A Flight To Somewhere” shows a significant amount of different instrumentals from piano, to beautifully constructed synths on a keyboard. It’s such a delightful piece, to where you can listen to the record in order to ease out your current stress or any emotion you feel that is currently taking a toll over your mood! That’s the whole beauty of music that doesn’t contain vocals or lyrics, is that they can still fabricate a story in which you can become immensely captivated by. They do so in a way of imagination, just like “A Flight To Somewhere” ignites your creative process to curate a setting best fitting for you.

Give a listen to Gerry's recent release "A Flight To Somewhere" here, and get to know the artists better through their exclusive interview below!

Hi Gerry! Great to chat with you! Mind telling us a little bit about where you’re from and your upbringing?

Well it's an honor to be talking to you guys at Buzz Music. This is the very first interview I've done outside my local area. LOL. Well I was born in Owensboro, KY. I've been blessed to have musical talent on my mother's and father's side. I'm currently living in the Indiana area at the moment where the music scene is a lot different. In the town that I live in currently, there's not a lot of exposure here, but there is a whole lot more exposure here than where I'm originated from. I started playing piano at the age of 2, drums at the age of 8 and bass at the age of 9. My musical background (like some musicians) started off in church. I really didn't start getting into jazz until after age 13 when I started to branch out a little bit and developed my own sound and worked more on my craft.

“A Flight To Somewhere” is a beautiful song! In your opinion, how can listeners envision a storyline for this?

Well thank you so much. I'm glad you liked that song. They way I have created the song was interesting. It started out as a simple tune that was going through my head. As I was recording what was in my head (which is what I do with a lot of my songs), I started envisioning like a movie scene where someone is saying goodbye, they need to leave town for awhile, but they will eventually return. When asked where are you going to go, the person of interest doesn't have any idea where he is going, so he says "A Flight To Somewhere", meaning when he gets to the airport, he just looks at the different options where he can go to get away from his hometown until he returns (if that makes sense).

Do you find any challenges during the creative process of making songs without lyrics and vocals?

Not at all. This is something that I do all of the time to express myself. I'm not much of a singer, so my instrument does all of the "singing" for me. Smooth Jazz and Gospel is my cup of tea since those are the major 2 genres I specialize in. But I have recorded other things that has lyrics from Country to Pop. So I'm not a stranger to other genres. I hope I didn't come off the subject to much.

How would you personally describe your music style?

My music style is very unique. I try not to sound like anybody else that's out there, even though I have a lot of musical influences from Jeff Lorber to Prince (and you will hear some of those elements in my music). There is a whole lot of influences that I admire musically, but then this answer would be extremely long as to who they are.

What’s next for you Gerry!

To keep making music as great as I can, no matter what. And I want to get my music to everyone as much as possible so I can become a household name in the Smooth Jazz world. I would love to start traveling to other places to do my music. I'm trying to work on that and book other places to play than where I'm living now. Even in good ol' LA. I need to make another visit there soon.


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