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Get a Blast From the Past With The Winachi Tribe’s Recent Release “Funky But Chic”

North West UK electro/funk band The Winachi Tribe is back with another fiery release, “Funky But Chic.” Through a few features with BuzzMusic, we’ve gotten to know The Winachi Tribe and their industry experience through international tours, notable collaborations, and nostalgic atmospheres. Their latest single “Funky But Chic” brings you right back to the prime of funk, and brings well-calibrated groovy instrumentals. Not to mention the layered harmonies that really gives the track a pronounced funk atmosphere, The Winachi Tribe sets out an infectious rhythm that’s impossible to ignore.

While “Funky But Chic” kicks off with melodic and high-pitched synthesizers and filtered electric guitar, The Winachi Tribe impressively provides a modern flair to their broad sound. Giving the track mid-tempo deep house aspects through low and thumping kicks, we’re met with a fiery atmosphere full of rhythm and energy. Overall providing a funky vibe through a wide array of instrumentals, the bass line stands out and keeps our ears peeled with its invigorating sound. While The Winachi Tribe’s lyrics emphasize that haters will hate, they also touch on embracing each aspect of your personality, clothing taste, appearance, and perspective. Finding a unique way to get their message across with nostalgic funk, The Winachi Tribe’s single “Funky But Chic” brings a rhythmic concept.

You can find "Funky But Chic" here.

Great to have you back at BuzzMusic, The Winachi Tribe! The band seems to have been on a steady incline since your last release. What has the group been up to since your recent feature with us?

Thanks for having us's always a pleasure collaborating with BuzzMusic!! A LOT has happened since we last spoke, it's been a real transitional period for WINACHI. We've released our new single 'Funky But Chic' which is a collaboration with iconic Italian fashion brand 'Pantofola d'Oro'. We've changed management and are now working under 'BeeManaged' which is the new management company run by our friend and legendary producer Howie B. Built a new recording studio, changed our line up, won an award for 'Best Production' at the prestigious 'World Songwriting Awards''s been a busy few months!!! Also trying to navigate ourselves through the COVID 19 pandemic...keeping creative and sane (ish).

Speaking on your latest single “Funky But Chic”, The Winachi Tribe brings in all sorts of sounds to give us that funky punch. What was The Winachi Tribe originally going for when creating the atmosphere and sound for “Funky But Chic”?

The song was recorded during a couple of very hot, slightly drunk, sweaty sessions at 'Earthstar Creation Center' at Venice Beach while we were on tour in L.A. We recorded the track with producer John X, who went onto produce the full song and huge credit must go out to John, he really caught the energy and vibe in the studio which you can hear in the finished track, it was pure chaos but John managed to channel the mayhem into the music and get the best out of the band's performance. The song sounds like a party and that's exactly what was going on in the studio!!! John laid down some killer synth lines too which gave the finished track a really weird twisted nursery rhyme feel. John keeps a pet beaver in the studio which he thinks is a cabaya...he has real trouble distinguishing the difference between animals.   

Within your recent track “Funky But Chic”, The Winachi Tribe provides a feel-good message of staying true to who you are. How did the band go about incorporating this theme within the song, and why did you think it was important to do so?

I suppose it's an upbeat, feel-good track so the words had to be positive...know what I mean? They were just what came out when writing the song. 'Funky But Chic' came together very quickly, almost on the fly as we were on tour during the recording of the track...I think it captures the buzz and excitement of how the band was feeling at the time...our first time on tour in the states...we were having the time of our lives!!!

We’ve heard that The Winachi Tribe released “Funky But Chic” to coincide with your collaboration with Italian fashion designers Pantofola d’Oro and your recent trainer collection. Could you tell us more about this collaboration, and what role the song played in the process?

We've been working with 'Pantofola d'Oro' since 2018, the owner of the company Kim Williams and head designer Michele Torresi has become our Italian family. We've performed shows for the brand both in London and over in Italy, they've sponsored our tours in both the U.K & USA...we've got a fantastic relationship. The collaboration with the trainers came about literally from us talking over dinner while doing shows in Italy. We spoke about incorporating the song and promo video for 'Funky But Chic' as part of the PR package for the trainer release...owner Kim Williams actually appears in the video as a policeman. Once back in the U.K, lead designer Michelle Torresi started sending over design ideas and started to develop the trainer and logo. It's been a great honor to work with such an iconic and historical brand as 'Pantofola d'Oro', we're forever grateful for the opportunity and support Kim and his company has shown us over the last two years. The trainers were meant to be released April 2020 but have been pushed back due to the COVID outbreak...we're now looking at a late summer this space. 

What can we expect to see from you through 2020?

2020 will see us working closely with our new manager Howie B, something that we're really excited about. It's a great privilege to be working with H, someone we not only respect massively as an artist but also as a human being. We're looking forward to moving into the next era ofWINACHIwith Howie and 'BeeManaged'!!! Our album is currently being mixed over in L.A by John X so we're really looking forward to sharing that the world once it's finished. We'll be dropping a collaborative E.P this summer...which features some amazing producers and artists...both old and new. We have shows booked in the U.K, France & US from August onwards...fingers crossed they can go ahead. Like everyone else, this is a very uncertain time so we're also trying to navigate our way through this pandemic and come out the other end safe & sane!!! Id just likes to thank all our crew, management team, fans, DJs, radio stations, and press that has stuck with us and continue to support WNACHI...we'll see you all on the other side. Look after each other...One Love...Liam //WINACHIXx


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