Get A Sweet Tooth For This Tasteful New Single: “Cotton Candy” By KVNE

Canadian R&B and Urban-Pop artist Kevin Edworthy, musically known as KVNE is thrilled to have announced and release his sweetest new single titled “Cotton Candy” which has proved he’s the new promising artist on the come up! In difference from his single prior "Make Me Better" (119,000 streams on Spotify), “Cotton Candy” focuses more on lust than it does love. It touches base on the initial-feeling you get when you first meet someone-the emotional rush you feel when your interest is sparked. The lighthearted, melodic track infuses various of different intricate elements including EDM, sultry rock, and mainstream pop for a dynamic, catchy single! This song is digestible for any setting and surrounding. Whether you’re driving home, at a party, or need to dance “Cotton Candy” is one of those songs that can be the ammunition for the groove! Produced by SHWAH and mixed and mastered by the artist KVNE himself, KVNE hopes to bring a new, refined sound to his listeners ears. The artist states:

“With my last single, I wanted to bring people together through my lyrics. This time, I wanted it to be about the beat - I wanted to create a feel-good track that brings people together on the dance floor. I am always learning and evolving, and this new single is true telling of the growth I have made over the years not only as an artist, but as a musical engineer, too”

KVNE has a wide range in his vocal strength where he’s able to hit certain notes making his song pop. You hear the potential of him hitting those difficult belting notes but also having the ability to tone it down and sing smoothly with the beat. Despite him being a powerhouse vocalist, the production and engineering of this song is super rad. The professionalism of blending his vocals with his backtrack is killer. I like how ‘cute’ the beat is. It’s very fitting to the whole aesthetic and theme of the entire song and song title. It takes significant careful effort and patience timing to master the art of mixing/mastering AND recording your own songs. If this doesn’t show the diversity and multi-facet talent KVNE contains then I don’t know what will!

A cool fact about KVNE, besides his ability to create a hit song, KVNE co-founded the independent record label of KillaKollective, a label that focuses on creating opportunities for upcoming artists and bringing back a sense of community in artistry. KVNE constantly proves that making music is more than just being an artist. He emphasizes on being a positive and powerful force for artists and audiences around the world. It’s also safe to say this rising icon doesn’t shy away from other genres. KVNE likes to explore his options and tackle on anything that he knows he’s capable of excelling at. With his vision being clear and conducted properly, it’s safe to say that this explosive artist is going to have a propitious future in the music industry.

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