Get Animated With This Intriguing Duo’s Newest Single: “Hikari Sun”

Pool Moon Elephant is the name under which the swiss duo composed of ‘Riccardo Studer’ and ‘Ivan Nurchis’ has decided to undertake a creative Journey through the world of electronic music and animation! They released their song titled “Hikari Sun” a fun, unordinary, song that’s equipped with pure extravaganza! The beat is bubblegum pop with an radiant EDM flare to it. It’s groovy with a danceable tune that’s sure to have your feet tapping and shoulders bopping! “Hikari Sun” is a way for ‘Pool Moon Elephant’ to submerge into the Japanese culture and subculture on two different levels. On a musical level by involving the J-pop singer from Tokyo ‘Mikuro Mika’ and on a visual level, creating an animated music video directly inspired by the huge and trendy production of Japanese anime in the last decades! If you’re wondering where the name “Hikari Sun” comes from, well it’s in the name! The focus being the sun taking its inspiration directly from the myth of ‘Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun in Japanese folklore! Cool right?

The display of various anime’s and creative unorthodox feel these individuals illustrated in their video to match the incredible song that’s composed with significant elements to it is just an example of strategic artistry! Known for the diversity of their sound, “Pool Moon Elephant” combines various dance music styles with pop influences ’s noticeable in the work that they put out. Their aesthetic vision blends their image with animated characters, and catch this! Their animated music videos usually competes in international film festivals as well! If that doesn’t catch your attention to dive into this fun, new single then you’re truly missing out.

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