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Get Back to Those "Missed Calls" With Help From GRIDLOCK's Latest Single

Drifting in from New Jersey, the Japanese-American duo GRIDLOCK unleashes their thoughts and feelings in a new and refreshing single, "Missed Calls."

Comprised of a jazz musician and Jersey club producer, GRIDLOCK's sound pays tribute to their musical upbringings, ranging from 80s Japanese pop to American alternative. With their warm electronic beats merged with soothing and fluttery instrumentals, GRIDLOCK has created their own sound known as 'slo-fi disco.'

Recently releasing their lush and dreamy single, "Missed Calls," listeners are able to get to know the serene and dynamic stylings that GRIDLOCK has to offer. As both artists serenade us with incredible emotion and heart, GRIDLOCK offers an equally engaging sonic landscape to make a stronger and more passionate impact on the listener.

Diving into "Missed Calls," the song placidly opens with a lush keyboard melody and a soothing downtempo drum beat. As we drift into the piece, the first vocalist begins to open up about fading away from his brighter days, and reflecting on how is best doesn't seem to be enough. Moving forward, the tender production and instrumentals slowly begin to expand with a thumping bassline and a funky electric guitar that livens the sonic foreground.

As the second vocalist makes his appearance, he sings a similar emotional message while allowing us to bask in the song's overall soulful feel. As GRIDLOCK leads us towards the end of this warm and passionate listening experience, they close the song on a sweet note of needed introspection that puts any listener in a dream-like state.

Don't miss out on the enthralling experience of GRIDLOCK's latest single, "Missed Calls," now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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