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Get Caught Up in Reflections of 80s Pop With Xinovia and Aimie Lovett Sommer's "On Your Side"

Residing in Los Angeles, Aimie Lovett Sommer is a singer-songwriter who has extensive experience in the music industry. Collaborating with the Australian, LA-based producer Xinovia, who showcases her understanding through a complex demonstration of her craft, the two have teamed up to bring forth their sonic brainchild, “On Your Side.”

Delving into the underworld of innovative Pop, the musical force field that is this single tours us through an exclusive atmosphere that is rich in effervescence. Unleashing a remarkable dynamism through the melodically charged sonic canvas, there’s a nostalgic hue that protrudes through the blend of synths, tightly knit percussion, and mesmerizing timbres that propel you to an uncharted dimension.

We’re obsessed with the 80s style Electro-Pop drive that has us clasping onto the harmonious bliss spiraling from “On Your Side.” Aimie Lovett Sommer’s delicately, charming vocalization pours an enthralling essence of magnetism through this record as her intimate resonance pairs with Xinovia’s prevalent production skill set in a way that has each artist bringing out the best in one another.

Attaching ourselves to the witty brilliance that comes in the form of lyrical motifs like, ‘Life alone, love abandoned you don’t know what you had. Narrow minds, in shallow water seeing only single paths,’ we get to experience the ebb and flow that love brings into our lives through various layouts of unplanned moments. Incorporating us into the intricately woven significance that is made apparent through budding emotions, we’re thrilled to be taken on this reminiscent journey of “On Your Side.”

Triggering our thoughts in a manner that has us swept up in the vivid soundscape presented to us, Aimie Lovett Sommer and Xinovia take us to exactly where we need to be.

A huge congratulations on this wonderful collaboration! How was it that you two came to work together on “On Your Side?"

Thank you so much. We have worked together in a few different ways in the past. Aimie met Danni when she recruited her as a solo artist to play for Tom Pretty, a Softer Sex Production’s annual All-Female tribute night. Danni at this time was performing under her name ‘Danni Ammon’. Later Danni joined Aimie’s band Loretti as a drummer. In 2021 Danni moved on from her solo project and recreated herself as Xinovia (producer/artist). When Danni began writing and producing as Xinovia, it was a natural fit for Aimie to join in with songwriting and vocals. We are good friends and have an excellent collaborative working relationship as well.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process looked like when letting this record flourish into how we hear it today? How did you two bring this vision to life?

Collaborative writing was fairly new to both of us, so we began with several hearts to hearts about what the Xinovia vision was and how our blended skills would work creatively. Honestly, we just love hanging out together and are equally inspired by one another’s talents. Our instinct was for Xinovia to write and soundscape the instrumental tracks and send them to Aimie. This was ideal for a 2020 collaboration since we couldn’t be working together simultaneously in the studio due to covid. It just so happened to really be the perfect process for Aimie’s lyrical and melodic construction. With the foundation and direction from Xinovia, toplining came easily and we are both so happy with the results for our debut single together.

Radiating a nostalgic feel in the instrumentation truly fits the entire vibe of this piece! Was this always the plan when you came to the understanding of what this vision would look like?

Absolutely. Xinovia delivers each song with details about her inspiration, mood, soundscapes and clearly explains her desired end result for the song. Aimie immerses into the music until a melody arrives, then narrates with lyrics.

With such tantalizing lyrics, what does this song mean to you? What are you hoping that your audience can reflect on when taking this composition in?

On Your Side is a testimony of undying love that exists across a divide. A love that may be originating from either platonic or romantic relationships, but continues on well past any breakaway or breaking up. Often people who we become intimately familiar with and then distant from need reminders that no matter when we last spoke, they still have someone caring for them and will show up for them. Sometimes that distance can be physical, psychological, or emotional. But no matter what type, love matters and is offered. We will always be there for you, On Your Side.

What's next for you?

We actually have several more tracks in production with some amazing vocalists lending their talents. During the same time that we created ‘On Your Side’ together, Xinovia had produced 4-5 other tracks for Aimie to write on. These are all still in the working stages but we hope to release the next one in a few months from now. Our community in LA and beyond is crowded with beautiful creatives that we can’t wait to tap into and bring forward with our songs.


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