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Get Close & Comfortable with Cmagic5 and Her New Single, "You Don't Know"

Wholesome artist Cmagic5 is back at it with manifesting new music, and her recent work establishes her level of versatility, specifically when regarding genre style.

Cmagic5 is known to offer realistic viewpoints and understandings within her music, consistently sharing her strong character in each and every track release. This time around, Cmagic5 wants her listeners to understand a new level of affection and insight, which means that she's choosing to focus on therapeutic elements of musical collections. 

Cmagic5 has released the R&B-driven track, titled "You Don't Know". With a heartfelt storyline, dedicated to the mindset behind attraction, and all of the highs and lows that surface as a result, Cmagic5 unravels her vulnerability, ultimately allowing listeners to see a genuine side of her artistry. The beat is simplistic, yet full of poise and the right amount of energy to match the elegant vocal execution of Cmagic5. The sweetness of Cmagic5's vocal performance is what draws you in, and her connectivity is what keeps your attention fixated on her.

The accompanying music video for "You Don't Know" is just as intimate as the content of the song, and listeners get to experience the emotional state of Cmagic5 in a direct way. Adhering to a condensed format, "You Don't Know" has displayed raw and honest motives of Cmagic5, whilst allowing listeners to see a more seasoned side of herself, both personally and artistically. 

With the release of "You Don't Know" came to a transition for you regarding the genre style you typically adhere to. How did the construction of this single relate and/or contrast to other singles you've released in the past?

Soon after my previous release “Just Wanna”, many fans expressed the summer bop actually helped them feel elated during an unprecedented summer in quarantine. This motivated me to share a different part of me and experiment a fresh style with a different theme which would be even more personal, wholesome, and relatable to the listener.“You don’t know” brings us fresh R&B vibes infused with jazzy, melodious chords and encapsulating vocals for a feel-good end of summer track progressing into a fall mood, symbolic of an emotional transition to self-worth and realization. In contrast to my other upbeat singles, “You Don’t Know” is driven by sultry R&B vibes that complement a phase in life when you’re just madly in love, to a slow build-up of inner turmoil and confusion prior to a potential breakup. Its the calm before the perfect storm! It is a recognition of one’s self-worth and self-respect amidst an unhealthy relationship. “You don’t know” is infused with sensual and soul-stirring melodies sprinkled with high bells, followed by haunting backing vocals and adlibs which take classic R&B melodrama to the next level and make this track ultimately therapeutic to listen to. It’s candid and conversational lyrics speak directly to the heart. Without a doubt, “You don’t know” has helped me to transition and evolve as an artist and explore diverse musical landscapes. It has enhanced my overall emotional growth. Being at home, and just being able to sit down and write down my thoughts with its highs and lows from a different perspective, was itself a welcoming transformation. This track was inspired by the style of Tony Braxton, Kiana Lede, Weeknd, and Summer Walker.

What kind of response have you received with "You Don't Know" thus far, and was it the type of response you expected to receive from your listening base?

The feedback that I’ve received just after a couple of days of its release has been tremendously positive and has definitely inspired me to get more music underway. Listeners have been pleasantly surprised with my refreshing style and are loving the adlibs and effervescent BG vocals in the wavy R&B soundscapes that have evoked a constant “replay” response along with it’s overall soft, slow-burning, and sensual melodies. This time the track is accompanied by its debut music video which digs deeper into the mystique of love, so raw, pure, and straight from the heart. It takes us back to a more naive time when to your dismay, your lover is only making a pit stop and does not even care to know about your favorite things. You’re stuck in this foggy, blurry period of realization and revelation, a confused state of mind, an enigma, from an ecstatic state of mind to feelings of insecurity prior to potential heartbreak. Pain and anger in the song are expressed through evocative lyrics and soulful vocals, yet the music gives off a very relaxing and nostalgic vibe.“This song is inspired by events and conflicts that the majority of people encounter with their love interest at some stage in life. Like all the music that I write, it’s expressive and lyrical. It’s interesting because you are eager to unveil the end, curious for more.

Being an artist who essentially does it all when it comes to the crafting of your music, do you feel that you have an advantage in creating new music, particularly when it came to "You Don't Know?"

Being a self-managed artist no doubt can be challenging. However, personally, I believe it empowers me to have freedom of thought and speech. I am able to articulate and relate with my audience first hand and be original and creative. I can authentically emote by building an expansive narrative, and through evocative vocals, create my own unique sounds, juggle with techniques and styles and be confident and put new music out there. It's even more rewarding when I am able to perform my own original new songs in front of a live audience. The experience of a zesty uproar from the audience as the floodlights flash into a kaleidoscope of alternating colors on a live stage are indescribable in words, as I transport the audience on a 3-minute journey to the exact moment of the song.

What do you feel is next for you and your music? Can listeners expect to receive any further twists and turns when it comes to the style, or are you planning on keeping it consistent from here on out?

Being a musician, I feel it is important to explore different styles and genres. While my main genre is pop, the uniqueness of my sound is created by fusing other sub-genres into my songs. I never want my music to be predictable, and always want my listeners to expect the unexpected when it comes to my music. That itself is my style consistency. I truly believe that “variety is the quintessence of life”.I try to represent my artist brand in a way that takes the uplifting and empowering messages from my music and channelize that energy through a vibrant and exuberant visual style. While I still have time to talk about stuff that I haven’t experienced yet, feel-good, relatable music is especially crucial during these times. Fans can anticipate music that is novel from every perspective.


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