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Get Comfy And Daring With Jasmine Crowe And “The Shirt Song”

Part of the secret to Jasmine Crowe's success has been her consistency. From the beginning of her career, she's been refining her sound, image, and visual approach. Whether she's extending musical ideas throughout a full-length album or crafting single songs, Jasmine Crowe has a familiarity to her that you can't ignore.

"The Shirt Song" is the latest sonic masterpiece to headline Jasmine Crowe's music catalog. This record welcomes us with open arms and cements its acoustic pop nature in such a memorable manner as it dazzles us in warmth and playfulness.

Jasmine Crowe is no stranger to performing with a flirtatious nuance that leaves us all awestruck by her captivating persona and, more importantly, her striking timbres.

Collaborating with her teammate, video director Jeremy Eichenbaum, to bring forth her latest visual component for this adoring bop, the two excel at capturing Jasmine Crowe's gaiety, mischievousness, and sex appeal through a series of bubbly scenes that place the oversized boyfriend's shirt on the pedestal it deserves.

Everything about this music video is comfy, wholesome, and risky. This precious open letter to her lover sings everything we want to say out loud. As Jasmine Crowe tours her partner's household and basks in every memory of him, she has his beloved blue flannel shirt on, which she now claims as her own.

Truly taking in the moment and maybe even getting lost in it, she even recreates the scene from Tom Cruise's notorious Risky Business and has us all giggling on the other side of the screen before Jasmine Crowe breaks out into a golden violin solo as she accompanies the whimsical background vocals and rhythmic tempo.

We've discovered that this visit may be secretive, and we're here with popcorn, waiting to see how it unfolds. Will she be caught in the act? You'll have to watch for yourself to see how it ends, but know this: you must check out "The Shirt Song" in all its glory.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jasmine Crowe! We adore everything about your latest sonic and visual components for "The Shirt Song." The concept is so unique and has our eyes glued to the screen. What inspired such a fun music video concept?

“The Shirt Song” is about the feeling you get when you borrow your babe’s shirt or jacket - maybe they put it on you one day when you’re chilly on a date, and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside or they leave it at your house, and when you put it on, and it makes you think of them when they aren’t physically there with you. “The Shirt” represents a little souvenir from your relationship. My director Jeremy Eichenbaum has worked with me on most of my music videos - we’ve done eight together so far, and we’ve become really good friends over the years. I love it when you can find someone to work with who becomes an integral part of your team and vision, and you can have fun creating together. For “The Shirt Song,” I had a straightforward performance concept at first, but during planning, Jeremy wanted to add a storyline to it, and the more we brainstormed, the more funny ideas we came up with. Our crew was tight for this music video - it was just Jeremy, Boaz Aquino as camera/director’s assistant, my hair and makeup team Ashley Joy Beck and Rene Cortez, Wolfgang, my dog, and my friend from Hawaii, and my High School drama class Robert Lindbergh who played “the shirt guy.” Jeremy and Boaz had the idea of foreshadowing with the polaroid and creating a twist at the end. I thought it’d be cute to have my puppy in some of the shots, but Wolfgang became an actual character in the video, and he stole the show! This is one of my favorite videos we’ve all made together.

We would love for you to share a glimpse into what it was like on set when creating the music video. How long did it take you to film this? Are there any memorable moments you care to share?

We shot it all in one day; I think it took about 6-8 hours altogether, starting early in the day into the evening, to get the last shots. Every time you’re on set, it's always a race against the clock, which can be stressful - but this time, I feel like we timed everything nicely, and it was super fun, a pretty chill shoot overall. Kudos to Jeremy, who had to shoot everything with a cast on his arm at the time! Some memorable moments involved my Maltipoo Wolfgang! Ever since he was a little puppy, he’s been my little studio dog and companion while I create music. I brought him on set that day to add some cute shots that would feel homey having a dog around in the house. During the shoot, the more I instructed him, the more he followed directions like a little dog actor. He’s a natural in front of the camera! We decided as the day progressed to make him a little accomplice throughout the video leading up to the twist at the end.

What do you love the most about creating music videos?

I love every part of creating and expressing myself through music - so making music videos is one of my favorite things about being an artist! You get to bring the story to life visually to go with the songs using another medium and art form - including acting, which I’ve always loved doing since I grew up around musical theater. I also love the styling and different looks we can create for the characters! It’s so fun being on set working with a team you vibe with!

How does the essence of "The Shirt Song" compare to other songs you've previously released? Do you feel most comfortable creating music of this style?

I feel like I cover a lot of different genres in my music with the different songs I write. “The Shirt Song” has a more acoustic pop, singer-songwriter, almost country vibe to it. Some of my other songs are more electronic, dance-pop / funk, and even rock oriented. This song feels a bit more intimate and goes back to my early folk-pop songwriting influences like ‘Jewel.’ I can definitely say working with different co-writers as well; there’s a certain style you notice that comes up working with certain people. Writing every song is like feeling and catching a living, breathing vibe. I even have a few more unreleased songs in this vein.

We're excited to hear that "Lovesick" will drop later this year! What can you tell us about this forthcoming release?

I’m so excited to be releasing more music this year! I always say, ‘songs are the symptoms of my life’ and ‘music is therapy.’ My first album ‘Symptoms’ was about some of the mental health struggles I went through after an abusive experience and the coping mechanisms I developed in the aftermath. Keeping with the theme, I’ve been planning this sophomore release for a while, always knowing I wanted to title it ‘Lovesick’ after ‘Symptoms’ - only this time, the topic is more around love and relationships, how they bring out different parts of you and deeper realizations about yourself with the ultimate one being that all you need you to have inside of you - your self is complete and whole. A lot of the singles I’ve been releasing over the past couple of years during and post-Covid now have been leading up to what will be on the album - and I also have an unreleased song called ‘Lovesick’ which will be the opening track. This is just the tip of the iceberg cause I already have two more albums worth of songs and album concepts planned following up ‘Lovesick,’ so get ready!


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