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Get Down With Aaron Rizzo’s Groovy Rhythm on His Single “Push”

Coming from New York City, alternative artist Aaron Rizzo releases his groovy and mood-setting single "Push." Starting out in quite a few bands, he began expanding his own personal sound by familiarizing himself with not only guitar but vocals, piano, and production techniques. Heavily influenced by groove-based drummers like; Steve Jordan, Mikey Miley, and Nate Smith, Aaron Rizzo brings show-stopping rhythm with each track. Especially on his recent sultry single "Push," Aaron Rizzo brings top-flight melodies through layered vocals all to a blissful harmony. He haunts up the track with passion and pleasure, giving us the closest thing to human touch. Starting with a pulsing rhythm that's set free at the groovy downbeat on "Push," Aaron Rizzo gives us almost a mix of jazz and funk through weighted beats and funky electric guitars. The track's seductive rhythm alongside Aaron Rizzo's charming vocals creates a sort of ambiance that purely serves food for the soul. From indulgent bass lines that shape "Push" to get you moving, to Aaron Rizzo's layered harmonies, he serves an all-around heated atmosphere full of life and tempting desire. The highlight of "Push" has to be the eclectic instrumentation at the chorus that serves quality rhythm and emotion, coming together to give a vibe like no other. Aaron Rizzo's talent shines right through on "Push," feeding us everything that we've been searching for nowadays.

You can listen to "Push" here.



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