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Get “Faded” With Aaron Martyn’s Latest Track

Talented sing/songwriter Aaron Martyn is making his name known. Aaron made a huge personal sacrifice to pursue his passion for music. A naturally gifted footballer, he was scouted at nine years old and played for top clubs all by the age of twelve. In 2015, Aaron sat in his dad’s studio (Darren Martyn/DM Unsigned Ltd) and plucked up the courage to say how much he wanted to be a singer. Eight months later Aaron released his cover version of ‘Drake – One Dance’ stacking up nearly 140,000 views. On his 13th birthday, Aaron released his 1st free download EP ‘Thirteen’. The debut record ‘Tears Don’t Dry’ premiered on Link Up TV and made a stamp on the urban music scene. Since that moment Aaron has been making waves in the music industry in a big way. 

“Faded” is the brand new UKG/R&B single to be released penned by himself and Darren Martyn (Tom Zanetti/M.O/Krept and Konan). Produced by Darren Martyn. A talented vocalist, Aaron showcases his unique and individual tone in “Faded". He changes things up by delivering flawless lyricism through every verse to prove his versatility and the authentic flare to his artistry. “Faded” is layered with elements of funk and an old-school flare thanks to Aaron diversity and versatility. The delicious urban pop track “Faded” is being added to my personal playlist and I highly recommend you do the same! 

Check out “Faded” here and read more below in our exclusive interview. 

Hi Aaron! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did you know that music was your passion? 

I’ve always been around music from the day I was born, I guess it’s in my DNA. There was a point in my life where everything was going sideways in my football career. The pressure took the love out of it and I felt a little lost. Then one day I asked my Dad to do a cover of 'Drake’s - One Dance’ in his studio. I recorded it and it went viral! I carried on recording covers, eventually some original songs and really started to enjoy the process.

What do you hope your listeners take away from “Faded”?

I want them to know that they aren’t the only ones going through a tough relationship. I want them to connect to the lyrics and sing them melodies where ever they go. Not only that, I also want them to know that I’m serious about my music and I want to take things to the next level. 

What was the writing process for this song? What inspired it?

A sketch of the beat was made and the the word ‘Faded' naturally came to mind. It sang well and I loved it as a title. This led to a conversation about how this could relate to relationships. We started brainstorming and figured out a message that could be universally felt. After a full session of singing out melodies, writing lyrics and recording a rough guide. ‘Faded’ was born!

What challenges have you faced being an up and comer artist?

It’s a tough game! Being young has it's a pluses and minuses. I found that because my music doesn’t fit into the boxes of what everyone else is doing, the support is hard to get. You can easily lose who you are in the music business trying to keep up with everyone else. I had my time in that and found that the more I was trying to fit in the more I was losing my self. Hype only lasts for a little while so it’s the biggest challenge is keeping your fans interested and updated all the time.

What can your fans expect from you next?

Well I've been writing lots of new music this summer. We already have some strong follow up records and I’m so excited to share it!


Stay connected with AARON MARTYN through his Instagram!

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