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Get Funkadelic with Banana Chant's Latest Single and Music Video, "Bluu"

The Miami-based alternative/psychedelic funk-rock band Banana Chant puts some pep in our step with their exciting single and music video, "Bluu."

Intending to show Miami that live music, more importantly, live rock still exists, Banana Chant always makes sure that their audience is left with their jaws on the floor. Also releasing their second studio record, 'Paying Off Student Loans,' Banana Chant gives us a detailed introduction to the project through their latest music video, "Bluu."

When asked about the single and music video, "Bluu," Banana Chant mentioned, "Bluu is the story of a man picking up a girl at a bar, as well as the story of death coming to collect a girl's soul." Through their in-depth alternative/psychedelic instrumentals and funky undertones, Banana Chant gives listeners nothing but a thrill with this powerhouse hit.

Listening to the single "Bluu," the track opens with Ander Perez's jazzy drum patterns, Vanessa Faith's thumping bassline, Tanis Perez's melodic electric guitar swings, and Giovanni Negron's soulful vocal stylings. Without wasting a single second, Banana Chant blasts full throttle into this scorching and lustful atmosphere with help from their exhilarating performances and deftly-created grooves.

Taking a peek at the music video for "Bluu," viewers can catch the exciting stylings of Banana Chant through their spirited performance, especially lead singer Giovanni Negron dressed to the nines in his white tuxedo. The video also offers scenes of a bashful female lead and a male counterpart seeking someone to spend the night with. Making their escape once the bar closes, Banana Chant offers the utmost exhilarating instrumentals to go hand in hand with the video's sultry scenes.

Get down with the groove of Banana Chant's latest single, "Bluu," and watch their exciting music video on YouTube. Don't miss out on the band's second studio record, 'Paying Off Student Loans,' available on all streaming platforms.

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