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Get Funky With Hollie Beadell In Track "Get It Right"!

Hollie Beadell is bringing back familiar sounds with her music. We love artists who incorporate core elements of early 2000's music into their rhythms and tempo, creating for a reminiscent experience. Hollie Beadell is the pinnacle of taking that reminiscent sound, and exploiting it in the best way possible throughout her own music. Currently studying at the Academy of Contemporary Music, Hollie releases her second album titled "Jukebox Nights", and this one is bringing funk, a classic sound, mixed with a predominant modern impression. Hollie is releasing her sound that is true to her, and we can't help but appreciate the soul she flawlessly embeds into her overall execution. 

We're receiving iconic elements from the Gwen Stefani era of music in Hollie Beadell's "Get It Right". Her tone is alluring, vivacious, and simply eccentric all throughout the track. Hollie will catch your attention with the bubbly persona she maintains in the song, which warrants for a rewarded overall execution. Hollie is the type of voice you want to hear when you need your body moving, or your mood improved. I was mindlessly tapping my foot along to the song, as "Get It Right" has that undeniable feel-good rhythm. The overall prominent sensation to the song is exhilaration! We highly recommend Hollie Beadell's track to those who need that extra "oomph" added to their playlists. 

Discover the funky tune "Get It Right", and the rest of Hollie's album here!

Continue reading for our interview with Hollie

Welcome back again Hollie! Please introduce yourself to our new readers! 

I am a singer songwriter from the uk studying production at The Academy Of Contemporary Music in Guildford. ‘Jukebox Nights’ is my second album and this is a very different sound from my first album. It’s a mixture of soul, pop and funk and I am hoping that everyone likes the new feel of the music and enjoys what we created. 

"Get It Right" was audacious and funky! We loved the tune. What kind of impact did you want this particular track off of your album to make on listeners? 

I wanted people to hear a funky upbeat tempo then hit them with lyrics that were contrasting. I wanted to prepare the listener for a whole different experience to the first album and I think ‘Get It Right’ hit them with that. 

How did the overall production of "Jukebox Nights" go? Any creative hiccups along the curation of it?

The songwriting process is something that just happens naturally. All the songs just took form, I would hear a rift and all of a sudden I would think of a first line for the verse and then it just stemmed from there. The amount of new techniques that we used and adding a choir into the mix on ‘All Love Is Fair’ was a challenge as we had never recorded one before. We wanted to create a live vocal element into the album with the backing vocals and that gave the album a soulful vintage feel.

Who would you say has shaped your artistic journey thus far? 

I think that would have to be Ben Drew ‘Plan B’ he with out a shadow of a doubt made me want to be a recording artist. He made me change the way I listened to an album and it was the first album that I played over and over again. I take a lot of inspiration from him and it’s amazing how much I have developed as an artist by just listening and taking notes from him. 

We've heard that your tour is kicking off in September! How stoked are you to perform again?!

I am so excited to perform all the new songs with the band. I have a female drummer Joanna which is just amazing, it’s great to have a female to bounce off ideas with and she just so happens to be my best friend. The bass player Ed and the guitarist Josh are so wonderful and easy to work with and they have brought new life to the songs when we play them live. It’s going to be an amazing experience and I hope everyone is going to love what we are going to perform. 


Discover more on Hollie and her music through her social media:


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