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Get Funky with Instrumental Band POCKiT in Newest Single "Chicle 2.0"

Are you in need of a vivid instrumental track that shows how divergency can be complemented? Well, POCKiT's latest music is a sound you need.

POCKiT isn't your typical instrumental band, as they produce singles that have such authentic and flavourful personalities attached to them. Especially once considering their most recent music, POCKiT proves to have a certain level of conscientious diversity, and with it, listeners receive wide-ranging pieces.

POCKiT has released the eccentric single, "Chicle 2.0," which features such a diverse line of instrumentals and synth collections. The manipulation of the saxophone within the song is what allows it to have a jazz-like nature, but the keyboard incorporations are what amplifies the funkiness of "Chicle 2.0".

As an instrumental track, POCKiT really knows how to keep the audience stimulated with the vast array of eclectic-sounding instruments. The eclecticism extends itself out with the fusion of all of these instruments together. There's such a vitality that comes from the blend POCKiT was able to produce, and this time, the band is set on manifesting a different design.

What kind of collaboration went into "Chicle 2.0" and can you describe the successes that came out of it?

Collaborating with talented artists such as Claudio Roncoli and the DeMarco Project is what POCKiT continuously looks to do when merging in creative projects such as this one. We’re excited about the final result of this collaboration, especially because we were able to create new relationships with artists from Argentina and it gave us an opportunity to share our sound with new audiences.

When comparing "Chicle 2.0" to the previously released single "Chicle", how do you feel that the two tracks complement each other?

Can you describe the contrast between them? “Chicle” includes electronic beats/sounds in combination with voice samples giving a more electronic house feel. In contrast, POCKiT’s approach to record “Chicle 2.0” was centered on giving a more analog sound using real instruments (keys, bass, and drums) based on a strong funk rhythmic foundation while keeping some of the original elements from “Chicle”. The solo recorded by our keyboardist Chip Gardner along with the solid drum & bass groove from Jason Spencer and Moi Linares highlights POCKiT’s original improvisational sound of funk and jazz.

Was there a certain sense of ambiance you were hoping to impart onto listeners with “Chicle 2.0”?

We look to echo an energetic ambiance with this track. The interlocking grooves and the space between the instrument’s notes are meant to make people wanna dance.

What kind of mindfulness would you say goes into the crafting of songs such as “Chicle 2.0?” How does everyone ensure that there’s a certain level of coherency at the end of production?

POCKiT is a heavy groove-oriented band. We love to “jam” on certain parts of the songs - particularly on the solo improvisations. We do this type of playing a lot when we perform live (we believe this is where all the magic happens!), so we wanted to record an improvisation section into this new version. For “Chicle 2.0” we kept the original melody along with the different samples adding a few effects (S/O to Brennan Jasso for mixing and mastering the track), but we added a more organic approach to the groove and we used a funky clavinet sound for the melody and solo at the end of the track. To keep consistency throughout the recording process, we took turns to record each of our instruments and then listened to each other’s parts to make sure it grooved in a way that reflected POCKiT’s sound.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

We keep on bouncing ideas among the three of us and challenge each other to keep on producing fresh music. During these COVID-19 times, we’ve been recording different video collaborations with many of our favorite South Florida musicians online (IG jams collaborations that are available on our Instagram). It has become a creative outlet for us, and it has helped us to stay connected with other creative musicians. Most recently, we have also collaborated with Nacho Londono a talented singer/songwriter from Medellin Colombia on his most recent single called “Colores”. We believe music is needed now more than ever to keep positive energy among all people and unite artists from all backgrounds.


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