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Get Hooked On Cenzina’s Brand New Release “Strange Clouds”

Residing in Vancouver, BC, the Canadian singer/songwriter Cenzina comes launching onto today’s music industry with a fresh new sound. With a wide range of influences including classic and alternative rock to hip-hop/R&B, Cenzina puts her own flare on modern music. Born and raised across Canada in Mississauga, Ontario, Cenzina was classically trained on piano at a young age. She developed her vocals and learned to play guitar as she discovered her passion for music over the years.

Cenzina’s latest track “Strange Clouds” dropped today and we’re loving every second of it! “Strange Clouds” is an alternative hip-hop track layered with smoky vocals and a heavy bass beat. Cenzina’s hypnotizing sound is a refreshing take on hip-hop music today. She’s able to emote through her songwriting and relate to her fans and listeners. Cenzina’s unique vocals are comparable to powerhouse vocalist such as Kehlani or Lana Del Ray with a similar alluring seductiveness. “Strange Clouds” gives the listener a retrospective look at Cenzina’s thoughts and emotionally rich and soul-filled poetic artistry. By far my favorite part in “Strange Clouds” is the fast paced and upbeat melodic rap verse within the track. It’s surprising in a song this pace but it’s proof of Cenzina’s ear for unique musical arrangements. Cenzina strives to spread a powerful message in “Strange Clouds” while still keeping it a catchy top hit! I highly recommend you check out this track and Cenzina’s other singles. Stay on the lookout for Cenzina, incredible emerging artist from Canada!

Check out “Strange Clouds” here and keep scrolling for our exclusive interview!

Congrats on the newest release Cenzina! Can you tell us the meaning behind “Strange Clouds”?

Thank you! Strange Clouds is a concept composition inspired by imagery from a dream.  Revelling on the beauty of being, Strange Clouds is an existential conversation about our manifestation playing subtly upon on ideas from simulation theory, encouraging the listener to question or at least consider their place in the scope of existence. While the chorus speaks of the stunning-ness of the stars and beauty of being, the second verse and bridge paint a different picture echoing an urgency to take better care of this beautiful planet we call home.  

What do you want your listeners to take away from the track “Strange Clouds”?

Ultimately I just hope the listener walks away with some new dialogue, questions, or appreciation for our existence on this little blue rock we share, floating around in space. 

How does your newest release compare to a song you first wrote? How have you changed or improved?

Most of my songwriting starts at the same place; with me either at the guitar or on the piano, feeling inspired. Much like my album (which was more of a singer/ songwriter vibe) Strange Clouds came into fruition on the keys. After being followed around by the melody for days I finally put words to it. What makes this song different is definitely the production. We built a beat around the original keys and then recomposed the rest to get that sci-I’d hip hop feel. As make new music I am continuing to venture into new genres and experiment with new sounds. 

What are you some challenges you’ve faced as an up and coming artist? How have you overcome those challenges?

There are quite a few challenges as an upcoming artist, especially as an independent one. For any new artist standing out among the rest and giving the industry something new is always a challenge. As an independent artist, not only do you have to create the music and invent a sound that’s unique, but you are also in charge of the marketing and business aspects of your work. This is probably the biggest challenge for most independent artists like myself, especially when you are in a budget. These challenges are overcome by first, believing in your work. The industry is tough, if you don’t believe in it no one will. You have to show them why they should listen. Second, networking with likeminded artists has hugely helped get my name out there. There’s a lot of talented people who just may want to work with you! You’ve just got to try. In addition getting out into the community, performing regularly, and connecting with listeners all help with securing a fan base. 

What’s next for you?

Next I’ll be releasing a music video for my single Airplane Mode and filming another video which I am excited to disclose later this spring! I’ve got a couple more singles on the go and local performances coming up this month. 


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