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Get Hooked On Kathryn Cloward’s Heartfelt And Uplifting Single, “Loving You”

Multi-talented Kathryn Cloward has worn many hats throughout her life. She is an award-winning singer-songwriter and book series author with a passion and drive for her many roles that truly hold no bounds.

This powerhouse is the founder of mindful media and production company Kandon Unlimited, Inc., a contributing Editor for Guitar Girl Magazine, a consulting mentor to other women in business, and a Voting Member of the Recording Academy GRAMMY® Awards and actively advocates for music creators’ rights.

Apart from all these roles she takes on in her life, Kathryn is a passionate and gifted songwriter and storyteller. Her writing is straight from the heart, telling stories of personal, relatable experiences that captivate audiences. We are thoroughly impressed with her releases so far and are looking forward to her fifth studio album, which is coming out later this year.

Now, let's take a deeper look into the heartfelt single, “Loving You.” Listeners are immediately met with an upbeat yet relaxed atmosphere, with acoustic guitars, twangy electric slides, and light drums filling up the soundscape. Infused with Pop-Country style elements, “Loving You” grabs a hold of your attention from the moment it begins. Kathryn’s vocals come into the picture with a light, easygoing nature that draws us in. Her voice effortlessly floats across the dazzling soundscape beneath her, singing out uplifting themes of passion, hope, and love.

This uplifting single is bound to make you feel like you’re in a love story, and we can’t get enough of it. Check out “Loving You” by Kathryn Cloward today, and keep an eye out for her upcoming album to be released in 2022.

Can you tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind this track?

“Loving You” is a love song that has a universal message about how the energy of love is constant and ever-present. Love isn’t contained to time or physical space. Most often, we think of a love song existing in the lane of romantic love, which also encompasses unrequited love and heartache from romantic love endings. But love isn’t linear and only about romance. Unconditional love is all about our natural energy. “Loving You” shares a message that love exists in infinite space. When we experience a genuine connection with someone else—in the “I see you” and “I understand you” realm—that’s a purity of love that’s mega all-encompassing while at the same time beautifully simple. This song was inspired by my feelings of connectivity.

Do you remember where this passion and love for the arts all began?

My passion for creating traces back to my earliest memories. I have always had a big imagination and an expressive nature. As a little girl, being alone in my room was like being in a magical place where I felt free to create and just be me. I grew up with three older brothers, and they dominated family time. I can’t recall a dinner table conversation in my formative years where I actually shared much of anything, and I certainly didn’t feel seen, heard, or understood. But when I was in my room with my dolls and stuffed animals, I got to speak and express myself to them. I’d write songs for them and give speeches to them. In the privacy of my room, I could articulate my truth. Fast forward a few decades to now, and I still very much create my songs and stories in my personal sanctuary space. It’s like I go into my creative cavern. I hunker down to write, removing all distractions. That’s why the pandemic was so fruitful for me creatively. Even though COVID presented many challenges, it cultivated a fabulously fertile creative vortex for me to write an enormous amount of new material.

Did you have an idea in mind of how you wanted the production to sound while writing it? Who helped you bring these sonics to life?

I worked with multi-instrumentalist and co-producer Daniel Fritz on “Loving You,” and he did an incredible job creating the song’s vibey arrangement. Our process of working together is beautifully simple and flows with ease. I write a song, then send it over to him in a rough voice recording with my lyric chord chart. I usually paint a picture of what the song feels like for me, the mood I don’t fully capture in a simple acoustic pass. I typically send him some music clips from other works that are similar to the sounds I’m seeking. Then I just let Daniel work his magic. When he’s crafted the core of the arrangement, we go back and forth until it feels done. Depending on the vibe I want vocally, backing vocals are layered in for the sparkle and shine. Layer by layer, the song is woven together. That’s the beauty of true collaboration, and it’s the only way I work now with producing my albums.

Can you give us a little insight into what listeners can expect from this upcoming project?

My fifth and sixth albums are next. I wrote a lot of songs during the pandemic, and they are all coming down the production pipeline now. My new collections share songs focused on feelings of love, shining our light, and experiencing personal liberation. These songs will resonate with people who are braving their own personal transformation, standing up for themselves, speaking the truth of their own stories, and just living through life’s lessons and challenges the best they can. I write about what I’ve journeyed through, sharing through lyrics that reflect elevating personal awareness of self-love and empowerment, because that’s how I experience life. It’s what matters to me. I’m aware of how the industry works. I’m not industry standard by a long shot. I’m paving my own path for delivering what matters to me. I’m here to pour love into the world in my own unique way.

What's next for you?

I have a lot to share in the coming 18 months. My new album is part of that. I’m also about to clearly show how my Kathryn the Grape children’s series connects to my Kathryn Cloward songwriting and storytelling. I have a new show in the works that will blend my messages of love, compassion, and empowerment across all ages. There’s a lot coming. I’m excited.


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