Get In Touch With Your Emotions With Steven Graves New Song "How Long"

Singer Songwriter Steven Graves describes his musical journey as “a spiritual path of self-discovery founded with authenticity and purpose”. Steven Graves sticks to his authentic roots with the release of his single “How Long” that has an electric sound fused with an outgoing sense of instrumental. The tune seems to take its listeners on the spiritual path of self-discovery alongside Steven Graves. If you view the music video released you can see in the beginning, as the song starts to play it says “The Journey Begins”, not only does Steven drive the song forward with his strong vocals he delivers us a lyric video that’s good for us to interpret. One of my favorite characteristics of the visual would have to be the display of everyday people having everyday fun. Simply, enjoying themselves and living happy and stress-free seemed to be the main focus point of the song. From my personal perspective, I interpreted Steven Graves is spreading love and merriment. The visual has a grainy and classic old film vibe that’s perfectly fitting for the classic sound that’s presented in the music. Steven Graves music revolves around social consciousness and a depth of spirituality which makes him a philosophical artist that’s atypical from your common musicians. Another unique trait about the video was the transition of different clips and pictures that's attached to a word, most significant one for me would have to be the childhood picture of the artist holding an instrument with the word “Discovery”. Steven Graves gave us the most compelling song to date. Check out “How Long” and connect with Steven Graves on his social media.

Be sure to connect with Steven Graves and listen to "How Long". We really love what Steven Graves represents through his music. Get to know Steven Graves with our exclusive #BuzzMusic interview.

In the video of “How Long” it seems as if everyone had lots of fun recording and being apart of the project! Do you think that significantly helped promote the message you were aiming to promote?

Making "How Long" was lots of fun to create and it also became a very introspective experience for me.  The classic Super 8 movie footage was compiled from my late father's home movies he shot when we were kids. I hadn't seen any of this in many it was a trip going back in time...and also relating that to my current life and world. I feel that the juxtaposition of the old 60s and 70s home movies with footage from today was effective in promoting the message that the song and video intended to illustrate. "How Long" is a question with an infinite possibility of answers. The song and video I feel are an observation of our collective life experiences as we go through our childhood into adulthood collecting and wearing many identities, "masks" or costumes throughout this time. For me personally the song celebrates that we are able to survive, thrive and continue our pursuit of happiness, love, and a meaningful life despite the challenges that come our way. On a bigger picture the song's chorus is a plea for humanity to accept love as our fate and to create a more peaceful, just and loving world. 

Do you mind giving our readers a brief overview on your spiritual path and journey to self-discovery?

Music has definitely been my spiritual path and journey to self-discovery because I can only connect with the magical essence of music when I'm able to tap into a "force" that is much bigger than me. I can't explain it and I don't try because the experience of allowing music to come through me is mysterious and beautiful and it can't be owned, controlled or manipulated. Like love; it is very pure in it's essence and our job in my opinion is to allow it to come to life without constraining with our own limitations. I have lived the majority of my life questioning the "norm" and seeking a deeper understanding of our own humanity. I have always felt that everyone of us is here on this planet for a reason, and that we all have a gift and a calling and that is almost always related to sharing that gift with others so that we can make a better world. The key for me is that my spiritual path always begins on the inside with the understanding that the physical world will always be a manifestation of my inner world.  If I'm not able to love myself, seeking love outside of me will be a futile experience. I am blessed to have this life where I get to create both my inner and outer world through my green building projects, my music, my family and my community.

Who are the are your biggest music influences and how have they impacted you creating your own music?

My greatest influences are so many, starting when I has a young boy, listening to Motown, old School Country (my father was a huge fan), and music from the 60s and 70s.  I was always most moved by bands and artists who created an "experience" around their music such as Pink Floyd, the Band, Dylan, the Dead and so much more. I was also influenced by artists that were willing to pursue their own authentic musical path despite a culture that seemed unwilling to accept them at least initially. Ray Charles (who was accused of playing the devil's music) and Dylan when he went electric to the dismay of his hard core fan base were two examples that come to mind. Graham Parsons melded the counter culture ethic with Conservative old school Country which at the time was outlandish to both the hippy culture and the Country world. In doing so he opened the door for Jackson Browne, The Eagles, and so many more. I always loved music that was relatively easy to assimilate and had something to say and in many ways became the sound track to our lives, reflecting what was going on at the time. How powerful and transforming music can be.

What makes “How Long” so special and why?

Well "How Long" is special at least to me because it represents who I am, who I've become as a music and human being in my life's path at this moment in time. At a recent show during our "How Long" tour there was a hand written sign outside the venue that said "It Won't Be Long Now"! I thought that was quite profound and I think it symbolizes what "How Long" is ultimately about which is hope. Hope that we finally learn our life's lessons and we're able to move forward as people in a more sane, peaceful and loving way. It is also my 8th CD, and a culmination of everything that has come before it. It is satisfying for me to feel that this is my best work to date and that the path continues to deepen with every record.

What’s next for you? What can we expect out of you?

Taking one step at a time and trying to stay in the least that's my intention.  Musically, my band will continue to tour and play live in 2019 hopefully playing bigger and better venues so that this music can be heard by larger audiences. I feel like this music has come through me because it's the medicine that the world needs at this time. No ego involved just simply the desire to contribute in a positive and meaningful way. I'm already working on new music which is coming through all the time and will likely be working on yet another CD over the next year or two.  I will likely continue to walk the path least traveled. 

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