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Get Inspired by Conscious Tone’s New Single, “Go”

From Denver, Colorado, Singer/Songwriter Conscious Tone writes the story of his life through music and inspires his listeners to live the most fulfilling life that they can.

“Go”, the latest release by Conscious Tone is an honest and energetic musical experience. The hip hop song has you closing your eyes and moving along to the beat from the very first verse, the kind that will lift your spirits no matter what. He uses his life experiences to create a real and relatable atmosphere, very refreshing to listen to. His vocals are smooth and consistent, flowing quickly through the song with no room to stop.

Conscious Tone’s lyrics really hit home with lines like “dreams don’t sleep so I work nights”. He stays moving, his voice fluid much like the message he sends with his verses. His positivity and dedication to hard work are inspiring and paired perfectly with his incredibly catchy melody. This song has all aspects working to its advantage, showing his potential as an artist. Conscious Tone’s lively personality is contagious, and this song is highly recommended if you need a burst of motivation.

Congrats on your new release! We really enjoyed listening to it. What was your main goal with the release of “Go?” How do you hope your audience receives the song?

I wrote Go to reflect my state of mind as of late. There's a lot of change going on around us and it's a weird time for everyone. I feel like I made this song as kind of a push towards taking that next step in life. I've always been one for pursuing my passions and that's what this one is really about. When things seem uncertain it's important to focus on what drives us and keeps us going. This song reflects my inspiration to continue dreaming no matter what. I feel like my audience can relate with the vibe in this song and I hope that it inspires them to take that next step, get on the move, and just go with it. 

What was the recording process like for this song? Do you typically write songs lyrics or melody first?

My process usually stays the same with most of the music I make. It will almost always be melody first and the lyrics will follow. For me personally, the melody creates the emotion, it allows me to find where I want to go with the song. I'll usually have an idea in my head of what I'd like and then the melody will kind of put everything in motion. It can take some time to develop the overall feel and where I want my voice to go but I'm always able to find it. All in all, I like to keep my approach the same and once I'm feeling good about where the song is headed, I hit the studio and make adjustments as needed. Some take longer than others, but that's just a part of the process as well.  

What is your favorite part about being a musician? How did you decide this was the path for you?

I think my favorite part about being a musician is the fact that you're in control of where the path takes you. How you create is a part of who you are and you're able to pass that on through music. You can create something genuine and real that listeners truly relate with and you connect with people on a much deeper level. I've always been creative and I've always known it was way more than just music to me. I come from a musical family and I've had an ear for melody and a mind that wanders for a long time. Music helps me connect, it helps me vent and it allows me to escape at the moment. I made it my path at about 19 and I've never looked back since. I knew it wouldn't be easy, it'd be really tough but I also knew it was the one thing that made me tick. I thrive being creative and being a musician has allowed me to do so, I just want to make good music and make a difference along the way.

What is your writing process like? How do you push through a creative block?

My writing process definitely depends on the song and the vibe that I'm trying to go for. Sometimes I'll write the chorus first, other times it's all about the verse before anything. I write most of my lyrics in the car, I don't know why but it's just something I've always done. I think it allows me the ability to create in different places, which keeps me inspired. Creative blocks can be all too common for me but I've learned to take a step back, quiet my mind and push through. It can take hours, sometimes days but for me, I try not to be too hard on myself. You can't rush these things and if you do, it usually isn't what you want in the end. It can be difficult at times but it's important to find that inspiration and let the creativity come about organically. I've learned nothing will ever be perfect as an artist so I try to find a solid balance when pushing through a creative block.

What can we expect next from you?

Well, I've got a lot of content on the way and I'm really excited about my next chapter. I'm in the process of finishing up my next EP (dropping this fall) working on some really dope visual content and a whole lot more. I feel I've hit a really good stride and I'm working extremely hard to get where I want to be right now. Moving out to LA in a month, I'm ready to hit the ground running. I'll be working with some really great LA artists, dropping a lot of new music and creating more than ever. So expect to see a lot over the next few months, musically and visually. Thanks for taking the time to chat with me, it's much appreciated!


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