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Get Inspired by Just Tommy and his latest video release for “Nightmare”

Compelling, theatrical, and unexpected are just a few adjectives that we use to describe the new video for “Nightmare” by Just Tommy. We were intrigued by its powerful lyricism and theme that lies beneath his single. “Nightmare” is a song that depicts themes of battling inner demons which consists of a life-long battle with insecurity and self-doubt. While watching “Nightmare”, you feel inspired to know how Just Tommy conquers these struggles which help him grow into a much stronger individual.

With scenes of writing emotional notes to the vision of children laughing at him and the powerful scenes of Just Tommy vocally delivering the lyrics, you can't help but feel moved by Just Tommy’s strong display of theatrical musicality. This video doesn’t have predictable transitions, it kept our attention, wondering what’s to come next. Everything about “Nightmare” is raw and honest. Just Tommy showcases amazing vulnerability that everyone can connect with. He is certainly not your average artist.

Overall, Just Tommy is broadening the music consumers' perception and breaking the mold of what a traditional solo artist is.

Check out Just Tommy's EP 'This Is Me' and stream "Nightmare" on Spotify.


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