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Get Instantly Hooked to OMY's “H.M.U”

OMY is a 21-year old is a culturally diverse singer, songwriter, producer and marketing student at UBC. His music style? A combination of Hip-Hop, Pop, and RnB, to create a fused together unique sound formed by many foreign elements. He’s a self-taught producer who indulged himself into learning everything he needed to know about production which served as beneficial for him. After many unfortunate series of emotional trauma, music became his therapist, and the mic became the channel in which he conveys his message. Eventually he has managed to stand out to his university within the short 3-month time span of his beginning career, scoring him a performance alongside famous DJ’s including Slander and Felix Cartal. With a strong passion, and the most loyal fans, his vision is to create a name for himself and share his experiences with the world.

OMY recently released his single titled “H.M.U” and you instantly become a fan of the song with the soft, quiet and melancholic introduction that lasts just a few seconds before the banging trap instrumental comes in and gets your head bobbing alongside the beat. The hook has melodies that seeps into your brain and addicts you to the record like nicotine does to a cigar lover! Both verses contained quick-witted and catchy lyrics that helped emphasized on the vibe OMY created. “H.M.U” is the perfect song we can listen to while cruising around in our whips. I mean just imagine riding around at night or even during a good day and hearing the canorous tune in the hook go “If you’re driving around town, hit me up” forming a unison with the beat , the aesthetic, and your mood! It’s a perfect digestible hit that could translate well across many lovers of the trap R&B style.

Listen to “H.M.U” here and get to know OMY in our interview below!

What are some challenging aspects in producing music?

Finding time is the most difficult for me, and that makes it even harder to be consistent. As a full-time student, music became another full-time job and doubled the due dates I have. The learning curve is pretty big, but with a passion and curiosity, learning becomes entertaining. At the end of the day, if u want something, you'll make time for it somehow. I choose to compromise sleep for example

Do you have a personal preference between production and recording the song? If so which and why?

I would say probably recording the song. Both are hella fun, but also both can be super challenging. I find production more relaxing and love the concept of creating sound out of thin air, literally. Recording is very special because it's a tedious process (both mentally and physically), but it's the most satisfying feeling to see just what your mind can come up with on the fly. I record songs in a single sitting most of the time, and the motivation is believing it'll sound great a few hours later

Tell us about your single “H.M.U” ! What's the meaning behind it!?

H.M.U. is the first song that brought Mani and me together in terms of music. We always use the phrase "Hit me up" every day and so does everyone else pretty much, so it's a catchy phrase that popped in our heads. Mani's rap and my singing style worked very well together and that was exciting, so the lyrics recognize our solid beginning and a belief in our success. The pre-chorus and second verse are much more sentimental with deep experiences about a past relationship and a vision to overcome any hardship we both face

How would you describe your producing style and does it differ vocally?

As a person who grew up listening to literally every genre, the beats I've produced so far are very different. I have very melodic relaxing music, some trap, new sounds you hear in hiphop, and many other styles. I think it's the same for my vocal styles. I try as much as possible to branch out and not limit myself to one specific genre or style

What’s next for you through 2019?

2019 was the year I first released anything on spotify or Apple Music, and when I also got my first gig. I plan to work on many more projects and release an album over the summer without the stress of school and countless due dates. From there I know I'll be able to get a few more gigs and make somewhat of an impression around me. I believe it'll go forward from there for the rest of 2019


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