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Get Into the Mood With saintblu's Sultry Single, "Baby (feat. kamrn)"

Coming in from Toronto, Canada, the RnB artist and singer-songwriter saintblu wears his heart on his sleeve with a passionate single, "Baby (feat. kamrn)."

saintblu has been busy working on his forthcoming EP 'As He Pleases,' dropping later this year. When asked about the project, saintblu mentioned that it's a genreless creation and that he's finally able to create any music he pleases at this point in his career.

Residing in the warmth and texture of modern r&b for his latest release, "Baby (feat. kamrn)," saintblu pushes an incredibly desirous message through his sultry and sensual delivery. In addition, kamrn drops a hint of spice and flavor through his rhythmic delivery and equally passionate bars.

Listening to "Baby (feat. kamrn)," the track opens with cinematic strings that begin the song with elegance and heart. As the modern and punchy drums start flowing in alongside a plucky synth, saintblu later joins the party and begins singing of not only treating someone with respect but with the passion they deserve.

Getting to the hook, we get an incredibly vibrant feel through saintblu's catchy delivery and the heartfelt string section that swells the sonics with passion. Once kamrn makes his way in and takes on more of a dominant and powerful delivery, he spices the track with incredible texture and depth that keeps us hooked the entire way through.

Get into the groove of saintblu's latest r&b banger, "Baby (feat. kamrn)," available on all digital streaming platforms ready for you to savor and hold.

We love the sultry tones and approaches you've delivered through your latest single, "Baby (feat. kamrn)." What drew the two of you together to collaborate on this piece? What was your collaborative process like?

I knew right away after I finished writing the chorus it needed a feature. I thought who better than my online friend Kamrn, who I actually met through Soundcloud in 2019. However, this isn’t the first time we’ve collaborated. The first song that we did together was “luh yuh” which was actually on my last EP, he mixed & mastered that EP as well. I’ve always admired Kamrn’s flexibility as an artist so I knew he would totally eat up a verse on a pop/RnB track like “baby”. We’ve always made a great time, honestly can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us.

Did anything, in particular, inspire the lyrical content within "Baby (feat. kamrn)?"

I’ve always wanted to release a song on Valentine's day. So at the beginning of January, I started working on some lyrics and came across this beat by VSHY on beats star. The rest kind of came naturally like it usually does. The song is basically about me crushing over this guy and doing the absolute most to keep him interested. What else is new?

Did you create the cinematic and modern production for "Baby (feat. kamrn)?" Or did you reach out to other producers/engineers to help with your sonic arrangement?

VSHY the producer on the track did it all himself. I’m pretty sure he used Ariana Grande as an inspiration for the track - which is why I loved the instrumentals so much. Ariana is definitely someone I admire as an artist. When I played the track for my friends they were automatically like “If SZA and Ariana were to collaborate it would sound exactly this”.

Seeing as your forthcoming EP, 'As He Pleases,' is said to be a genreless piece, what sort of sounds and concepts should we expect from the project?

This month I’ve been listening to a lot of Madonna and Britney, but a couple of months back I’ve grown a strong obsession with Phoebe Bridges. So my taste Platte in music has been all over the place. Which I feel like will be poured into “As He Pleases”. The only challenge I face while making this EP is having everything sound cohesive, which is why I wanna take my time with it.

What's in store for the rest of the year?

More music videos! The next single that comes after baby, must have a crazy visual. I also hope to carry out the storyline from my last music video “DIE 4 ME”.



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