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Get Into "Trouble" With Dersu

Driven by soft and smooth R&B, Dersu’s style has an intimate and personal tone. As a rising artist with diverse musical influences and tunes that are exclusively Dersu, she began writing and singing her first few records after completing an 8-year piano education at a London-based music school.

Fresh with an alluring nature, she has set her goals ambitiously as she continues to work on carrying her music outside the borders.

Dersu’s latest single “Trouble,” pulls us into her atmospheric vocals in a way that has us never wanting this musical arrangement to come to an end. The delicate instrumentation focuses on chiming synths to brighten the dark undertones of the pulsating drum patterns set in place.

Incorporating the elusively flowing croons that Dersu orchestrates, we can’t help but gently glide into her the poignant essence as she navigates us through her universe of dreamy resonance. Driving home the unforgettable melodies that thrive in the narrative of “Trouble,” Dersu’s lyrics resonate with the dark and compelling nature laced into the indecisiveness of a love affair.

Allowing her influence of the city to play into the harmonious bliss she undoubtedly creates, this particular record was written while she was in Milan and inspired by her time spent in Toronto. What we love the most about the way “Trouble,” comes across, has to be the fact that it brews in an authentic realm of relatability for her audience.

Transporting them to their own spiraling affairs and temptations, or at least the curiosity aspect, Dersu is a natural at making her creations hold such a life-like stature. Delving into all aspects of herself that are intuitive, personal, and overall alluring, we’ll happily get lost in “Trouble,” as we place it on repeat.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dersu, and congratulations on the release of “Trouble.” The narrative jumps out of the speakers and forms its own life-like reality amongst our minds. What in particular inspired the concept for this song.

Thank you, great to be a part of this! Trouble is the one and only song I’ve written based on experience. Normally, my songwriting completely consists of imaginary people in imaginary situations. Trouble was based on personal experience with a toxic relationship. And, once you’re out of it and can clearly reflect on it, songwriting is like a quick summary.

Being written in Milan, was it recorded there as well? Could you please share a glimpse of what the recording process looked like when bringing this song steps closer to the public?

It was planned to be recorded there, but I decided to work with Adham Farid as I always feel more confident and comfortable with his guidance as a recording engineer. I had previously recorded a couple of other tracks with Adham in the same studio so I got to try out all the mics, he knew how I liked to sound and was quite patient with me. We’re both perfectionists, so we took our time on the recording.

Are there subjects that you find easier to write about or does everything hold an equal playing field with your creativity?

I write about pretty much anything. I do write based on experience but choose not to release those. Most of the time, I imagine a persona, could be completely different from my character, and I empathize with her. She could be anyone, anywhere and I spend time imagining who she is and write about her either in the first or third person. I feel like we could empathize with anyone if we wanted to, so I try to embody the person I’m writing about and put it to words the best I can. Because, if I always wrote about myself, it would bore me terribly.

What are you hoping to send out to your listeners in terms of your messaging through your music?

I would really want people to be curious in terms of what I mean in my lyrics. ‘Trouble’ in that sense, is pretty literal. But my upcoming releases, they’re not. I’d want the listeners to shape my words themselves and write sequels in their minds to the lyrics based on their interpretations.

What's your favorite release of 2021, from an independent artist you admire?

Oh I have so many favorites and I can’t pick one, but imma say ‘You Win’ by Dana Williams since that song’s way too underrated.



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