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Get Lost In A Trance With Lana Lubany's Single “Fairy Dust”

Lana Lubany is a talented artist on the rise! This American/Palestinian artist started her career singing in a multi-national peace choir. From here, she discovered her passion for music and performing. Lana was singled out as a soloist and was giving the opportunity to perform in front of president Obama. Upon graduation from high school, she began uploading covers to YouTube and focusing on her own music and songwriting. After releasing a fan favorite single “One Of A Kind” early 2017, Lana began working on her debut album which was released June 2018. The last song on the EP, “Fairy Dust” was the last song to be released and is here for us to hear today!

“Fairy Dust” comes in so soft and delicate. Her vocals follow, beautifully, soulful and strong! The melody is so soothing that you almost miss the story within the lyrics. When you go back and catch the lyrics, you can hear the hurt and sadness. So lost in a trance of her sultry voice, you can hear the confidence in her sound.  A well produced track can be the difference between a Grammy and an untouched track. Lana Lubany has the total package. Giving us original lyrics, a soft yet strong vocal range and production that pulls it all together! Check out our exclusive interview with Lana Lubany below and listen to "Fairy Dust" here.

Hi Lana! If you could, please introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Lana Lubany, a 22 year old singer-songwriter. I was born in Tel Aviv as a Palestinian and an American, which has shaped me greatly as a person. I now speak 4 languages: English, Arabic, Hebrew and German. I’ve been singing ever since I was a child, and writing for almost as long. When I was 12 I let my mother know that I wanted to be a singer when I grew up! And that I have become. I started writing music seriously after my high school graduation in 2015, and I’ve released a few songs since; my latest being ‘Fairy Dust’.

Could you tell us what helped you create the track “Fairy Dust”?

No one would ever guess this, but I was thinking of the song ‘Where Have All The Flowers Gone’ by Pete Seeger when I first started writing Fairy Dust. I wrote the first line of Fairy Dust a little based on that song and then it took its own direction. When I wrote the first few lines, I know it was going to be some sort of ballad – the kind that can make one cry. The song is about longing for yesterday and dealing with a difficult change, which is a topic anyone can probably relate to in their own way.

Why did you choose to release "Fairy Dust" last?

Fairy Dust is my favorite song off the EP, and I wanted the last single to be more emotional, to show a different side of me after the other singles were released. Of the singles, it was the song I had recorded last. It was my ‘baby’ for such a long time and I had kept delaying recording the vocals because I wanted it to perfect. I was waiting for the right moment, and that took a long time to get to!

What do you hope others get from your music?

I hope that when others listen to my music they can, in their own way, relate to my lyrics. I am all about emotion. The last few songs I’ve released have an uplifting vibe to them, but if you pay attention to the lyrics, they’re quite the opposite. If the lyrics can help someone out there feel better, then they did their duty. I also want my listeners to have fun while listening to my music – blast it in the car and sing along.

What has influenced your music the most?

Existing songs out there always give me inspiration to write something new. Sometimes I base a song off another and it grows its own wings from there. My style keeps changing every year. I feel like the people around me kind of influence the kind of music I create.

What do you have planned this year with your music?

This year I am starting a new project with my management focusing on RnB more than bubbly pop. I am going to write a lot of new music and hopefully travel a lot doing that.


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