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Get Lost in Akazi’s Powerful New Song “Run”

Singer/songwriter Akazi from Portland, Oregon, has grown up with love for music and everything it has to offer. Years later, she has worked on music in the film industry and is still using her love for film score and music genres like pop and hip hop to intricately create her own sound that resonates with all who listen.

Akazi’s latest release “Run” showcases her powerful and resilient vocals in an emotion-filled track. She has incredible control over her voice, with a tone that is composed yet uplifting. Accompanied by dreamy guitar, she sings about the pain of lost love, pouring your heart out to someone who has already stopped listening. The song features a back and forth between Akazi and Chris Hanebutt, who is featured on the song, with his vocals softer and less pronounced. It’s as if the two are already too far apart to find their way back with a sound like they are coming from a distance. This is a beautiful metaphor for Akazi’s lyrics, “you run ‘till I cannot find you,” showing that even in the music, the line of communication seems to be severed. Akazi has a gift for storytelling, and her stunning vocals will undoubtedly reel you in for more.

We really enjoyed listening to “Run,” it was a beautifully constructed song! What do you hope listeners take away from listening to your latest release?

Thank you so much! "Run" took us a while to really craft and make perfect so that means a lot! My hope for listeners is to take away a sense of realness. As an artist, my mission is to always be authentic with my story and lyrics. I know a ton of people have felt like giving up on a relationship that means a lot to them because of bad communication and maybe someone or both people not being ready for the relationship completely. I personally have had my fair share of experiences like this. So I think my biggest take away that I want listeners to have is a look into my thoughts and feelings about my experiences.  Did you know from the beginning you wanted it to be a featured track? How do you feel working with Chris enhanced the song?

You know, Chris is magic. Honestly. Every record I do with Chris something magical is behind it and I really believe that. I think Chris brings a huge element of technicality and precision to what makes a record really be felt. He also has been through his own struggles in love and I think "Run", (along with a lot of our records) have been healing records and songs that we just wanted to listen to. The beauty in our creations is they are from an honest place, no ego, just genuine love for writing and creating. I think that's what makes "Run" magical. It was from a real and honest place for both of us.  What is your favorite film score to listen to? How do you take movies and incorporate them into everyday songwriting?

Anything by Danny Elfman I have a huge admiration for. A lot of Tim Burton movies play in the background while I am in the studio creating with my team. I think film is so inspiring because it allows you to have a whole storyline and I think some of the best and most classic records have always had the ability to bring a story to life. I think my admiration for storytelling first allows me to make records that are heavily geared towards film. I also have a great team of movie buffs that I get to work with music on and I think the knowledge and expertise of my team of producers also help bring this big sound that's inside of me to life!  How have you been staying inspired during these troubling times?

I think I've been through so much up to this point in my life that "Troubling times" don't leave me uninspired at all. I used to write songs in my car when I was homeless and had nothing. I think I weirdly find that troubling times can give you a motivation to become something new and more refined. Quarantining has definitely been interesting, to say the least, but I think after surviving what I have been stuck inside to only work on more music isn't that bad! 

What can we expect to see next from you?

I have 3-4 more music videos lined up for the rest of this year, along with my next project in the pipeline! I think you can expect to see a lot of growth and stronger records in the near future! 


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