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Get Lost In JayBird’s Words In Her Radiant Single “The End”

JayBird’s single “The End” is a beautiful and raw artistic perspective. The simplistic piano blends perfectly with the heavy backbeat, but it is not overpowering. “Time’s flying, you’re lying, I’m crying, we’re dying, aren’t we?” is the very first lyric in this beautiful masterpiece “The End” and it instantly gave me goosebumps. Her voice gives me a serious ASMR effect while still staying precise and alluring. “How’d we even get this way? When we started out with time flying, hearts racing, minds playing lovely games” is such a powerful and vulnerable lyric. It describes the confusing way that relationships seem to change infront of our eyes without us realizing it. Coming to the heartbreaking and earth shattering conclusion that your love is over is so overwhelming it has to be out into a song.

I love the entire aesthetic and astounding arrangements that JayBird brings to today’s music scene. She is able to recognize that her fans could interpret her music in many ways. We are blessed with her ability to share her art with us. “The End” is a song to chill and vibe to or a song to cry your heart out to. Jemeia Hope is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter that is passionate about creating music and sharing her emotion and experiences through her unique sound. Jaybird has been releasing and performing music for 3 years, equipped with an angelic voice and layered songwriting skills, and so she is definitely a talent to stay on the lookout for!

Check out “The End” here and read more with Jemeia Hope in our interview below.


Hello Jemeia! Can you tell us what inspired this song “The End”?

Hi! Absolutely. When I wrote the song; The End, I wanted to invent a situation based on characters I created and how I  imagined they would behave and think and feel in this situation of; a failing relationship. My friend Kenny gave me the beat and I wrote the story based on that. 

Your voice is timeless! What age did you begin singing?

Thank you! I really appreciate that. I actually didn't really start singing until about jr year of high school when I was about 17. I sang a little bit when I was younger but nothing major.

How did you perfect your style and sound?

It started off as just me and my uke and that's been a major part of my style and sound just because it feels right and I feel comfortable with the energy that the Ukulele gives off. As far as the rest of my music goes, I honestly don’t feel like I’ve perfected my sound or style quite yet. Although, I’m not even sure I want to because I feel like if I leave my options open that gives me room to always be discovering new possibilities with my music. 

What drives your passion for music?

It’s hard to pinpoint what drives me to create music and perform exactly. It’s like a little bubble of energy that sits in my chest and every time I play or perform or create it’s almost as if the bubble pops and spreads this immense feeling of positivity and good energy.  Music just always makes me feel better and I couldn't imagine a life without it. 

Can we expect a new EP anytime soon?

I am in the process of moving to San Diego, so I won't be starting a big project like an EP until I get settled. In the meantime, I am hoping to release a few more singles as well as some cover videos.


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