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Get Lost in Love With LaTasha Shemwell’s R&B Single, “Mood”

Neo-soul and R&B artist LaTasha Shemwell from Kentucky has been working hard to prepare her newest single “Mood” for release.

LaTasha Shemwell’s life is immersed in music, with a background in classical vocals, and her work as a children’s vocal coach. This latest release is meant to engage the listener in her unique vocals and storyline of tenderness and devotion.

Within the first few seconds of “Mood,” LaTasha Shemwell introduces a dark, heightened piano that forms the backbone of the song. Her crisp, clean vocals make their entrance soon after and begin to leave the listener lost in the music.

LaTasha Shemwell’s well-trained voice shows off vocal runs and an incredible range throughout “Mood." Her soft, sensual lyrics delve deep into the feeling of falling in love, and detailed diction paints a mental picture that deeply involves listeners in the story. The beat is slow and steady, carrying you through the song until you don’t want it to end.

The tone of “Mood” is quite mellow and minor-sounding, and this unique combination of a foreboding sound with blissful and lively lyrics makes this song stand out. LaTasha Shemwell wanted to use her voice to create something meaningful and elegant, and has done just that with the release of “Mood."

Congratulations on your latest track “Mood.” How did you start to craft the intricate and beautiful piano sounds we hear throughout “Mood?" Do you typically start with lyrics or melodies first when songwriting?

Funny story, while looking for cover songs for my Bands setlist, I came across an Instrumental Cover to, "Can We Talk" by Clem C. Neely. I made a comment on his video saying, "We should collaborate sometime," and he sent a message back saying, "Let's Connect." We exchanged contact information, I told him what I wanted in regards to the melody and he produced the music to "Mood." We have never met, only chatted via phone and through email. I am amazed at how the music turned out.

When it comes to writing the lyrics for “Mood,” where did the idea first stem from? Did you encounter any challenges along the way?

I recently reconnected with a man that I went to high school with and we immediately hit it off. We are both single parents with similar interests. My last song, "Exposed" was about my ex-boyfriend that I broke up with almost 2 years ago. Once I completely let go of that hurt, love found me. The song "Mood" came completely natural to me. This song is definitely out of my element but, as I get older I have found there is so much freedom living in your truth.

How do you feel that “Mood” compares to your first releases? Do you think your sound will continue to expand in the future?

The song "Mood" is a little different from the other songs I have written. To me, it came so naturally. The song has a bit of a 90's feel and I Love 90's music. I feel like I showed a little bit more versatility on this single. As I evolve more, I feel my songwriting and style will definitely expand. I want to bring "Real Singing" back to R&B.

How long were you studying Opera? How do you feel your classical training impact the way you create music?

I studied Opera all through Undergraduate school and trained more in Graduate school. I believe that no matter the style of music you choose to sing, classical training helps to strengthen your voice, range, and breath support. Training also teaches you the proper way to utilize your vocal cords and not damage them.



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