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Get Lost In Smilez’s Meditative Masterpiece “Mentally I’m Somewhere Else”

Meet SMILEZ, a Dallas-born, Los Angeles-based rapper known for his evocative artistry. He uses an authentic perspective to discuss abstract themes, including heartbreak, addiction, societal acceptance and rejection, and mental health. His unique sound has found resonance with millions worldwide, developing connections with listeners through shared struggles and aspirations. Having secured a place in the 2020 album 'Dummy Boy' by Tekashi 6ix9ine, releasing his 2020 hit 'Head Shoulders' and its acclaimed successor 'Sit Back & Relax,' SMILEZ has amassed a large following.

SMILEZ’s latest release, "Mentally I'm Somewhere Else," shines a light on his versatility as an artist, seamlessly blending rapid-fire raps with soulful hooks. The song opens with an elegant, resonant piano which acts as a metaphor for SMILEZ’s reflective state. The lyrics add emotional depth to the track by bringing forth his internal discourse.

“Life is full, but I’m by myself cus mentally I’m somewhere else.”

"Mentally I'm Somewhere Else" further comes to life in the accompanying music video, conceptualized and directed by SMILEZ. The video features sequences of his childhood surrounded by his friends and family. These montages become interrupted by frames painted in grayscale, symbolizing his conflicting internal state. The somber footage gradually transitions to full color as the video concludes, leaving the audience with hope and enlightenment.

SMILEZ brilliantly displays his introspective journey through refined lyricism and captivating visuals as a way of navigating the world around him. The two mediums evoke empathy and inspire self-discovery in his listeners, making "Mentally I'm Somewhere Else" a timeless composition.

Tap into "Mentally I'm Somewhere Else" out everyone now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic SMILEZ, and congratulations on your latest release, "Mentally I'm Somewhere Else." What's the story behind your artist moniker, SMILEZ?

I dyed my hair yellow and just landed upon SMILEZ. I’ve always been a fan of artists with their vibe and the world around them.

How would you describe the creative process behind your new song, "Mentally I'm Somewhere Else?"

It was really easy. I sat at the piano, and that song came out fast. It was really about capturing a feeling and a vibe. The video was natural, too; it was easy to match the song.

How has growing up in Dallas or living in Los Angeles influenced your music style?

Growing up in Dallas turned me into a natural rebel. It’s very conservative, and by the book and as a kid, it made me want to do the exact opposite. Being weird and different in LA is accepted, so I felt like I was embraced here.

How has your music evolved since your first song release?

It’s completely evolved. At first, I was releasing hip-hop tracks that were made almost to get a reaction out of people. Now, I don’t care what people think of my music; it’s more of wanting to make something that I see as great or special. It’s more important to me to make something that accurately portrays myself, whereas before, I didn’t really care -I just wanted to have fun and do stupid shit.

What is the most rewarding aspect of creating music?

I think finishing a project or a video is the most rewarding feeling, creating something and looking at it and saying, “Yeah, I made that; I put my all into that.” It’s a great feeling; there’s nothing like it.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I want to put out as much music as possible, so hopefully, you’ll see me drop more projects, songs, and videos this year.

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