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Get Lost in the Bliss of Kersty Ryan’s Debut Single “Anybody Else"

Kersty Ryan is a modern-day artist whose music is the culmination of iconic vocalists in both the R&B and pop realm to help shape her to be the wide-range artist that she is.

There is something truly special about the art that Kersty Ryan creates, her uniquely gritty tone combined with her own personal lyrics and catchy melodies make for an experience that anyone will be able to relate to and dance to.

This was something that we could easily hear in Kersty Ryans debut single “Anybody Else”, it is upbeat, fun, and enjoyable experience from start to end.

“Anybody Else” highlights everything that Kersty Ryan is made of, her bold vocals easily shine over the poping organic instrumentation that throws us deep into her thoughts about finding the person that brings you immense happiness when they bring you out of your comfort zone.

It is clear while listening to “Anybody Else” how much soul Kersty Ryan puts into her music, every element of her music, the drums have an electronic tone to them but keep a bit of an acoustic bounce to it, the bass feels like it was meant to get the dance floor going, the synth pads bring a subtle ethereal flair that allows for Kersty Ryan’s beautiful vocals to flow over top. We are absolutely in love with “Anybody Else” and cannot wait to hear Kersty Ryan's upcoming EP this summer.

You can jam out to “Anybody Else” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Kersty Ryan! We are loving your debut release “Anybody Else”! How does it feel to finally have music out? How long have you been working on this one?

It feels amazing to finally have music out. It's been years in the making, from trying to find out who I wanted to be as an artist and going down so many different avenues to get there. I'm so happy. I actually wrote "Anybody Else" in a couple of hours, and we finished the entire track about a week later. My producer and the instrumentalists knew what my vision was for the song and they all totally killed it. 

This record is full of dancy grooves, how was the instrumental aspect created? Did it come before or after the lyric writing?

So I wrote this song's lyrics and melody first, with just an acoustic guitar. I usually start any songwriting process with just my guitar or a piano, and then I start planning and building out the track with my producer (and coincidentally, life partner), Landon Tyler. We built out a demo of the whole song and sent it over to the drummer and bassist because I felt like those are the two instruments that this song really needed to have the energy that I wanted. They both loved the idea and they came to the studio a couple of days later to record. The drummer is my good friend Jake Wyble, who is arguably the best drummer I know. The bassist is my other good friend (and incredible artist as well), Elijah Delgado; he really pulled the track together with the fun bass lines.

With “Anybody Else” being about the bliss about finding that person, how do you personally relate to the lyrics? Was there any particular moment that sparked the creation of this song?

I relate to this song because I have an amazing partner who got me out of my comfort zone and showed me a whole new world when we started dating. He knows me so well and always knows how to make me have fun, even though we are total homebodies most of the time lol. The creation of the song actually came from the title. It popped in my head and I immediately knew exactly what the chorus would be about and what it would sound like. I have an entire list of just song titles I've thought of in my notes app, and those spark inspiration all the time when I'm running dry on ideas. 

We are very excited about your upcoming EP! How do the songs on it compare to “Anybody Else”?

The EP is pretty somber compared to Anybody Else. I think it's because when I started writing for this EP, I was in a really dark place, so my songs naturally came out as a darker feel. There are a few ballads, another summery-pop's kind of all over the place but I love it. It describes my past few years really well. I can't wait for you to hear it.

Aside from your upcoming EP and singles, do you have any other plans for 2020?

We are working on the next project! I'm so excited to get back in the studio. If Corona allows, I want to play some shows. Other than that, probably a lot of hanging out with my friends, baking, and maybe I'll get a puppy? Haha. The year feels like it's so unpredictable right now with everything going on. But definitely more content will be on the way!


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